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  1. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    What about booting Linux Software RAID (md), with a 2x1TB RAID1-array ? Has anyone got any success with it or this feature's still not been implemented in Chameleon ? I've tried to do this but it seems the only way Chameleon sees a foreign/another OS is when it is on a singe partition (alongside with its bootcode). In every other possible setup, Chameleon doesn't see other OS'es but Mac.
  2. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Hello, guys, I'm trying to stay on the bleeding edge with the trunk, but there's something I still cannot figure out Would you please explain in short the usage of the modules - when/for what purposes are they normally used ? Thanx in advance, cheers
  3. Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Hello, guys and thanx for this thread. I just bought DBT-122 (the "original" DBT-120 not to be found elsewhere now ?), which generally works under Winabooze 7 x64, any Linux and SL 10.6.7. As you might have guessed, only troubles are : - you have to re-pair the device/remove and re-add it everytime after leaving an OS and swith to another (e.g. from Linux to Mac and vice-versa) - wake from sleep is impossible - I have both Apple Aluminium KB (Wired) and Magic mouse, but wake up only works through the power on-button of my case. Has anyone already tried this dongle / had any success about the issues above ?
  4. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Just compiled latest trunk 832, memory detection is back in System Profiler ! Thank you all guys for the enormous & great work !
  5. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Why is memory info not displayed under "System Profiler" anymore ? I first noticed it under trunk 812, now same under trunk 820 too, "There was an error while gathering this information." is the only thing shown. Mem detection / display used to work fine from its implementation until the first 8*-trunks.
  6. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Trunk 812 - Memory info is not shown under "System Profiler", but "There was an error while gathering this information." "About this Mac" shows the correct sum though - 8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Just to feedback
  7. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Thanks for the info, Andy. Well the kernel was actually the only missing part, because I normally do not need to put any kernel on the boot132-cd, using Mac DVD's vanilla one Would that mean that putting a lion-kernel would make the Lion DP2-DVD load to the isntaller ? Hm, all this mess cause of the "kext summary"... Otherwise - I don't know if you saw my feedback about booting FreeBSD, but I would like to ask you - Were you able to boot it on GPT with your booter's version ? Because I tested your version, but ended up in same result (again) - UFS not visible... Thanx & Cheers
  8. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    How about a (soon to be needed) bootable CD ? Has anyone been able to successfully boot Lion DP2 from its DVD and install from it ? I made a boot132 disc, with Boot CD Maker, replacing its "boot" and "cdboot" files with latest trunk r756 Well, I tried it at least - just some minutes ago, but no boot flag will make it, after the ram disk gets loaded and one sees the kernel line, it would just kernel panic every time... The message is the well known "Can't perform kext summary" or similar. The boot flags "UseKernelCache=Yes" and "-f", either in 32-bit and 64-bit did not do the trick Does anyone have any update on this issue ? Thanx. Cheers
  9. ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel): now having a working front mic

    Tmongkol, thanx a lot for the Lion-version of ALC889A ! Confirmed working, just a question - the names in the "Output" and "Input" tabs of the "Sound" preferences are in another languages - czech/slovak or smth similar F.e, under the name-section we have "interny reproduktory", "Linkovy vystup", for which under the type-section the english names correspond "built in" and "audio line out port" This is no problem for me, just to give some feedback and that you know about it Thank you for the great work (that you again do !) ! P.S. Hm, I thought it could be a permissions-problem, deleted all caches, including the audio-ones, repaired permissions and rebooted, but after that the audio menus are still in a foreign (to me) language
  10. [New!] Linux Distributions Poll

    Definitely - Gentoo, so I am the only "voice" for it, for now
  11. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Thank you, Andy, I've just put your version on the "#1"- drive here Well...I'll have to give up trying to use FreeBSD alongside Linuxes and OS X... As it is the only OS i try to boot from GPT + UFS and Chameleon and I always fail at that
  12. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Nope, same thing... I used the ^Andy^-branch, posted on main page - same thing with FreeBSD/UFS, not seen at all...
  13. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Your English is fine, my friend, I'm not a native speaker as well Well, I could not understand what that patch was all about, is it for making Chameleon boot *BSD-systems ? If so, I don't think Chameleon would even see any BSD-partitions (well, UFS is NOT seen at all), please have a look at my post some line above this one. I can't make it boot FreeBSD, any Linux OS would just boot fine, but...well, no Linux OS has the GPT-problems FreeBSD has Other things... Only Mac and Winabooze partition names are properly read, no matter where the partitions are - either in the MBR-part or outside of it, on the GPT-part. Any other (primarily Linux OS-partition) would not have its name shown correctly by Chameleon, no matter of where it is located. Only "Linux" would be shown...
  14. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    From main's site post : "Include the Haiku - OpenBSD - FreeBSD as we see in diff V6 of the main trunk " Should be understood/regarddes as ... ?
  15. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Thanx a lot to all the people working on this great project ! I would only have one question : was anyone able to boot FreeBSD 8.2 AMD64 with Chameleon ? BlackOSX, thank you too for the great theme as well - after seeing a menu-entry for FreeBSD, my question could be also forwarded to you According to FreeBSD's manuals, the only way to boot the OS on a GPT-drive is to write a protective MBR (pmbr) as well, but that of course kills our Chameleon beauty... (well, this time we have no "normal" GPT-structure, because we use Mac OS X, so EFI-part is there as well) The question is for "normal" / standard UFS-scheme, with partitions for every important part of the OS ( /home, /var, /usr ), and NOT for a setup with ZFS... To be more precise : - I have 4 internal SATA II-drives - On BIOS-drive #1, I have Lion and Gentoo, so i tried installing/booting FreeBSD as well - according to the manual (and practically, too) FreeBSD would only boot if one does : a) making a dedicated boot-partition "freebsd-boot" of exact size 64K gpart bootcode -b /dist/boot/pmbr -p /dist/boot/gptboot -i "partition number" ad "drive number" My observations - after installing FreeBSD boot to the above mentioned way, it would boot. After replacing it with Chameleon's "boot0", it would again show FreeBSD's boot manager, but it would not boot FreeBSD. Only after replacing the main stage with Chameleon's "boot0hfs", FreeBSD's messages would disappear and Chameleon bootloader would load, but FreeBSD would also not boot at all. So, do we have any way of doing this, are any plans for supporting FreeBSD, at least on UFS-partitions ? Thank a lot in advance for any clarifications ! Cheers !