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  1. hi all has anyone of you already got SNOW Leopard running on his ms-1719? could you give a short howto please? thx!
  2. Alc883 nur Kopfhörersound

    Ich hatte das gleiche Problem... hab mit 2 kexts gearbeitet..mit dem einen treiber liefen die lautsprecher, mit den anderen der kopfhöreranschluss..wurde mir nach ner zeit zu doof, ständig neuzustarten nach der installation. bin wieder auf vista
  3. please help me! got a 7100 (core2duo 1,8ghz) on my laptop (ms-1719). i'm new in this scene but i tried to run leopard for month and been sucessfull. so..where do i have to change the bios to run the dual core? where do i change THIS?! CODE Scope (_PR) { Processor (P001, 0x01, 0x00000810, 0x06) {} Alias (P001, CPU1) } THANK U VERY MUCH FOR HELP
  4. hey guys i got good news for u!--leopard runs!!! i got a ms-1719 laptop with core2duo 7100 (2x1.8), geforce 8600m gt and 2 gb ram this is the way i installed it: First of all i got a kalyway 10.5.1 dvd. booted it - pressed f8 entered "-v cpus=1" (if this doesn't work try "-x" or "-s" or "-f" ..i tried it several times! you have to use "cpus=1"!!!)http://forum.insanelymac.com/style_emoticons/default/wink_anim.gif apple screen- apple install screen opened the "Utility" and then "Disc utility" erased my whole disk partitioned it to 1 partition closed disc utility back to installation just click u through the installation until there is the button "costum" in the left corner of installation window I INSTALLED: vanilla: both and the first bootloader. i skipped the dvd check. if this installation won't work try it again. AFTER INSTALLATION: i opened my dvd drive to be sure it will boot from hdd on restart. first i didn't press anything when leopard booted and it failed...so it reboots. i pressed a key..when it is said right at the beginning of the boot and entered "cpus=1" LEOPARD BOOTED AND EVERYTHING WAS FINE the only thing you have to do is getting a driver for the 8600m gt. i took "NVInstallerV.31.pkg". i know there is already a 4.1 editon but in some blogs people said it wouln't work that fine! so i installed it and rebootet and got my resolution of 1440x900. the only problem i still have is, that i have to enter "cpus=1" when booting you could search your bios for: "EXECUTE DISABLE BIT" and enable it..this is what i found in forums but i can't unfortunately change this in my bios does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem? (i'm running single core only http://forum.insanelymac.com/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif ) thx..have fun..i hope it works on your 1719 as well as on mine