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  1. Network shares not working

    I ended up getting this fixed by replacing some combination of the files and dirs under /System/Library/Filesystems Unfortunately, I wasn't being very methodical in my efforts, so I can't say exactly what combination I replaced. But I got most of the replacements from the Leo4all v1 disc.
  2. Has anyone else had trouble connecting to windows/smb shares? For me it seems like Finder has no idea what to do with smb URLs. The shares show up in the Finder Sidebar but clicking on them gives me a "connection failed" message in the Finder window. Using command-k and manually opening a smb:// URL I get a message about a bad URL and a list of acceptable types - one of which is smb://...! I didn't see this on leo4all v1. I have leo4all v2 installed on two machines - both have this problem. There is a thread about this here Is there something different about v2 as opposed to v1 that could be causing this? ACL? the Security Update?
  3. Network shares not working

    I have the same problem. I am using 10.5.2 leo4all v2. I found this: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=307256 - but it didn't help. I've also tried repairing permissions and also tried replacing the System/Library/Filesystems with the files from the leo4all v1 because I didn't have this problem with leo4all v1. What is the difference between them that could be causing this? The document linked above mentions migrated user accounts - that doesn't apply to me as both installs were done on freshly formatted partitions. Any ideas?
  4. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    I'll take a look at that. Thank you very much. It was not showing up at all, but after powering down and rebooting it came up. It is interesting: the sound is only detected when I boot cold - the computer is off and I turn it on. If I restart, the sound won't show up. Restart again, the same. But, If I shut it all the way down, switch off the power supply, turn it back on, then boot, it works. Also when it is detected, sometimes I get no sound, sometimes I do. It seems to go in and out. But never while it is being used. I play a song on itunes, everything is fine. It plays all the way through. A few minutes later I try to play a song and nothing. hmmm. The intermittent nature of this problem might make one think it is a hardware problem - the soundcard could be broken. However, It works fine under windows and linux. Is the second problem at all similiar to what you were seeing?
  5. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    Has anyone has any issues with nforce4 audio not being detected on this disk? .... cause i am. it's a 005910de on an asus a8n sli deluxe.
  6. ATI Xk1 series

    Is anyone with an X1600 able to get widescreen resolutions?
  7. New ATI Drivers

    So, I need all files from the 10.4.4 AGL.framework and all files from the 10.4.4 OpenGL.framework EXCEPT the OpenGL executable? Is that right? I remember seeing something on the win2osx forum about adding one of the frameworks before the other. I can't find that thread over there now after their server move. I wouldn't guess that the order would make a difference but who knows. Does anyone know if that is totally incorrect.
  8. New ATI Drivers

    In moving the frameworks you say 'don't replace any' - I think I know what you mean but how exactly was that done? Finder or Terminal? More explicit instructions for that step would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks
  9. MorphX Universal binary

    Works quite well for me.
  10. How long does it take to install?

    Boot with -v option and provide more information. Also provide system specs.
  11. Which DVD are you using? What kind of hardware is in such Sony Vaio? Have you tried using an external mouse?
  12. Install from DVD image on hard drive?

    I don't know about booting from an image. But you could try booting a live linux distro, connecting to a network share containing your image, and dd it to the hard drive.
  13. Hello, First post on this board and first attempt at creating an icon. This is for the AMD users. It is a modification of a desktop background that I came across previoulsy. I can't find it now otherwise I would attribute. ...That preview image is terrible... amdmacicon.zip