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  1. Hi Do u have the configuration on what motherboard u used for using the NVMe? Also do u have the steps on what are the things to be installed? Please advise Regards Chris
  2. Hi I bought a Samsung 960 NVMe SSD to replace my windows notebook m.2 SSD However, it turns out that the SSD on the windows notebook is not compatible with Samsung SSD due to current differences. Hence, if i were to use it for Hackintosh, will this SSD able to work? please advise regards chris
  3. Hi Now my hackintosh cannot boot up. It keeps executing fsck_hfs to check incorrect number of threads (4,24395) And it's repairing volume It does this 3 times n shut down. After start up again, it continues the same thing Please help
  4. Hi My mackintosh rebooted due to a panic. Here is the Report from the OS. Anyone can see why is it rebooted? Also, i cannot get the audio to come out from the HDMI port. Its only from the 3.5 audio port. please help regards chris
  5. how to do the pike patch? add to clover? I was thinking how to make the PCIe card with NVMe as boot up 1) do a carbon copy clone on my current SSD, then i insert the PCIe card with NVMe into the PC, will i be able to boot up from the PCIe card? 2) Remove the existing SSD, put in the PCIe card and re-install a fresh Sierra? Please advise regards chris
  6. Hi Is this machine able to support NVMe via PCIe card Will i be able to boot the Sierra via the NVMe on the PCIe card? anyone can advise? chris
  7. Hi Moderator Can i post the pics of the Bios settings used on Asus 87M-Plus together with the clover configuration onto this thread so as to share with others? I also found out why i am getting 480 Mbps for the USB. Please advise thanks chris
  8. BTW, when i tried to transfer a lot of files from my PC to my NAS using AFP (shared drive), the transfer is very slow. Is there something wrong with the wireless transfer? Please advise thanks chris
  9. Hi Is there any USB3 device which i can use for testing the USB 3 port? please advise thanks chris
  10. Well, this is supposed to be a 3.1 Type C USB hard disk but it is only going at 48 MB per sec at the picture shown in the previous post please advise thanks chris
  11. Hi From the USB 3.0 hub, i can only get 480 mb/s as shown in the diagram below attached is the IOReg output. please help. thanks chris IOReg_AsusH87m_plus_3.zip
  12. Hi moderator How do i know whether the ACPI, USB 3.0 is working or not? Is there a way to see what is working and what is not please advise thanks chris
  13. Hi attached is the IO_RegExplorer output after i have removed the various kext files and ran the kext utility. please advise thanks chris IOReg_AsusH87m_plus_2.zip
  14. Hi How do i send to you? I cannot even attach any files to this post please advise thanks chris hi finally managed to attach files for your advise thanks chris hi attached is the clover folder which i zipped it up regards chris AsusH87M_Plus_IO_Registry.zip Send me AsusH87M_Plus.zip CLOVER.zip
  15. Hi I have run the RunMe and the IORegistryExplorer and attached are the output of it. The Audio and the ACPI are not working. Not sure about USB3. BTW. how to do test them out to see if these items are working or not? Also how do you know what patches to apply for what items? Is there a manual for this? please advise thanks chris hi Somehow i cannot attach the files. please advise regards chris