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  1. {Library} VoodooHDA PinConfig

    Is this only for onboard? Or could you in theory get X-Fi to work with this?
  2. Thanks for your replies guys, I really appreciate it. I'm afraid to say that didn't help either, It just resulted in a kernel panic.
  3. No luck with that either :/ This is proving annoying.
  4. I have an AMD processor, should that make a difference?
  5. I've tried, but nothings works. I can't think of anything else.
  6. cpus=1 prevents my system from starting up, idlehalt=0 does nothing to help the problem. Any more suggestions?
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a go. Will that only give me 1 core though?
  8. My sound works flawlessly if I give the CPU something to do (its playing a game of chess against itself as we speak), but this is proving rather annoying. Otherwise it's crackly and stuttering and very very annoying. Does anybody else suffer from this problem, or has anybody worked out how to fix it? K9A2 Platinum Phenom II @ 3.00Ghz 4Gb Corsair Dominator Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCIe (Obviously doesn't work)
  9. MSI K9A2 Platinum Anyone? (AMD)

    How did you get the audio working if you don't mind me asking?
  10. X-Fi XtremeGamer with VoodooHDA. Only HDMI Working?

    I've had a look but there doesn't seem to be anything on there about my card. I've tried the kexts on there too.
  11. As mentioned in the title and description, my BootCD boots into mac and it works perfectly. However, I really don't like booting into the BootCD every time I want to boot into OS X. I've tried installing chameleon (I'm using a retail 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.7) but it refuses to boot afterwards. I'm using Mohamed Khairy's 1.6BootCD found here. How can I just mirror the bootCD to my hard drive?
  12. X-Fi XtremeGamer with VoodooHDA. Only HDMI Working?

    Any chance you could try to find where you read it? I would be very grateful.
  13. X-Fi XtremeGamer with VoodooHDA. Only HDMI Working?

    The last I heard, it was possible with VoodooHDA. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I have an X-Fi XtremeGamer PCIe. I am using the latest VoodooHDA and I have removed AppleHDA from S/L/E, but the only output I have is 'Digital Audio (HDMI)'. I don't care about 5.1 surround, or even mic in. I would just like stereo out. Does anybody know if this is even possible? If so, how should I go about it?
  15. Ah, yes. I managed to eject the disk via Disk Utility, and replace it with the retail version of Snow Leopard - Recognised it fine! Must have just been the BootCD I used, thanks.... Again