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  1. [solved] Internal SATA drive not visable

    Im having the same problem. I installed to an external drive. When I boot I do not see either of my internal drives (on laptop, one drive windows, other OSX). When I swap the external harddrive with the internal one, it wont boot at all. If anyone knows please help us, both.
  2. Thanks for all the help as I got my AMD laptop booting snow leopard. For some reason I can't get any of my kexts that i used on my previous 10.5.2 install to work. (sound, wifi, trackpad & keyboard, native graphics, internal drives) Would there be any reason that none of them would work correctly?
  3. How / Where do I put the new boot file?
  4. Perfect (or almost) HP DV6000 & DV9000 AMD install

    Keep going man!!! You gave me a bit of hope, and now i have a slightly working copy of leopard on my dv9005 laptop. Normaly i couldnt get past the install cd. Now when i put a flashdrive in with the kexts i have to add to get some of the features working, it wont recognize it in finder.