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  1. Thats doesn't seem to have worked. Used Clover configurator to enable EmuVaribleUefi-64.efi and dropped the .kext into /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other. Any ideas? Do I need to install an uptown date version of Lilu? EDIT: OK I went ahead and updated Lilu, FakeSMC etc and all working now Many thanks.
  2. Hey Mald0n, You helped me out earlier in the year with my DSDT and got everything running smoothly, I’ve just updated to High Sierra and my install boots ok but gets to the login screen then looses signal from the monitor, the only way I can boot is if I disable nvidia web drivers in clover options at boot. I’ve seen reports of this on other forums and wonder if it’s down to my DSDT file causing the issue. Do I need to edit anything? Any help greatly appreciated
  3. I'm using Apple trackpad and keyboard (BT) with the PCIe Wifi/BT card. Definite lag thats not present when first booted, only happens when woke from sleep with new DSDT fixes. Wasn't present with original clover install.
  4. Ok, There Seems to be a lag when typing on bluetooth keyboard and using trackpad after waking however
  5. Maybe. Anyway to get keyboard or trackpad to wake system from sleep as opposed to just power button?
  6. It only kernel panicked the once but if it does it again I will post. Here is the requested new ioreg. https://www.dropbox.com/s/df3q2trxaz2gqm2/iMac%20ioreg%203.zip?dl=0
  7. Well apart from not being able to wake the device by pressing the keyboard or trackpad the Bluetooth trackpad doesn't seem as responsive once I wake from sleep. Also I've noticed a few startup issues since I've implemented the new clover/DSDT/SSDT changes, freezing half way through boot and a few kernel panics
  8. Ok that stays asleep now, I have to use power button to wake up as I think the latest changes are cutting power to Bluetooth/Wifi PCIE card. Is that right?
  9. Ah so those can be disabled in the DSDT? Wonder what's causing the issue then.
  10. Could it be Wake on LAN in power settings causing it?
  11. Ah was in my Library/Extensions. Was that an official Apple KEXT or a 3rd party Hackintosh one? I rebooted and its still waking from sleep (take about 5-10 seconds from HD spin down and lights go off)
  12. Sorry remove GenericUSBXHCI from where? thats not listed in my clover KEXTS>Other folder.
  13. Has my upload given you any insight as to whats going on?
  14. As requested, thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3ox9xz3dwrx95u/Send%20me%20iMac%20Updated.zip?dl=0