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  1. Uninstall the taruga patch and try the azalia audio driver found on the Leo4All installation disk, I posted the same driver earlier in this thread (page 45 #887) This will enable output only.
  2. Eddie, Something to bear in mind for the next release... (a patch must be on the cards for the impending 10.5.3 ) I managed to get your power management bundle working with stock ACPI Platform 1.2.1 following macgirls instructions here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...80425&st=40 This has been working happily for over a week. I've attached the modified files I used for laptop users who aren't confident editing these files and a screen as proof. Now onto the sporadic ghosting of the curs-ed GMA950! Power_Management_Working_ACPI_1.2.1.zip
  3. Leo4allv3 finished and released

  4. Eddie, Congrats on another excellent release and many thanks for the finishing touches to FINAL. A question if I may: Why is the power management bundle dependent upon ACPIPlatform 1.1.0? Is this your work or the result of anothers on this forum? Can you point me in the right direction or advise if this is configurable for use on 1.2.1? I ask because I've found the best hack for gma950 yet (sorry, your no-res option still gave me artifacts) this involves using the gma950 files from a mini (with latest graphics update applied) in conjunction with paulicats' natit.kext for laptops. This results in full support for everything with no artifacts present and no ghosting in two days of work/leisure use. The only difference between the two installs is the ACPIPlatform version, with 1.1.0 the blue screen is produced at startup and I get the same result in safe mode.
  5. You can install the printer drivers from the original Leopard DVD. Select optional installs once inserted.
  6. 3945ABG is much anticipated and good progress is being made here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...072&st=1140
  7. I've had this with wireless (not USB) and obviously with a password the length of a WEP key it's annoying. Mine was solved by assigning the wireless as first priority within network preferences panel (ie. moving it top the list) Wireless autoconnects everytime now.
  8. Demonoid Back Online!

    My stats haven't updated for a few days now
  9. Demonoid Back Online!

    As others have reported, my account and stats were as I left them. As for a sting it's not implausible but a little paranoid IMHO. Good trackers with strong communities will find a way to persevere, I'm surprised it took this long to reinstate TBH.
  10. Yes 1. Install Leo4All ENSURING THE "GOODAPPS" BOX IS CHECKED 2. Boot in and insert the Kaly disc 3.use pacifist (in applications folder) to extract the drivers you need This works either way
  11. Genuine Intel® CPU T2050 @ 1.60GHz Post no. 889 Page 45 Let me know the result PM me your email and I'll suggest a few things to try
  12. Jake, What are the specs for your laptops and what kernel did you install? There are a variety of things you can try but I need a better idea of the above before I can point you in the right direction. PS. Did you try the PS2Nub fix I posted earlier in this thread? Glacial, I had a similiar issue with Kalyway. Post your specs and what kernel you installed.
  13. Eddie, This looks very promising, the SMBIOS options are a great addition and the inclusion of the power management fix for laptop users along with the ACPIPlatform versions is much appreciated. Eagerly awaiting this one!
  14. I assume the M-Audio device takes priority for you. Therefore, I'd recommend you take a look here: http://www.m-audio.com/news/en_us-1154.html Try disabling the integrated audio within your bios if the option is present. Otherwise try removing the M-Audio, enabling integrated sound within the bios and reinstalling the .pkgs/.kexts you have. Use kext helper to install and try using extension repair before reboot.
  15. Try the Azalia Audio.pkg I upped a few posts above yours and reboot when prompted. This has been reported to work for BB88 who has the same integrated audio chipset as your own. run the package and reboot when prompted. If still no joy then try Extensions repair and reboot.