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  1. Malicious Code

    Is Windows the virus? Maybe this is an apple sponsored site?
  2. Recommended TouchPhone?

    I use a HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.0. It took a while but now I am in love with it.
  3. Google announces an Operating System!

    Hmmm I'll wait and watch. I expect it to be a bit like the browser lot of attention from the techies and nothing. But who knows!
  4. Google Chrome

    Because you are accessing others' information for free too. You could always NOT put it on the web. You could also charge for information the way some online newspapers do.
  5. Google Chrome

    Did you try it on XP or Vista ? Maybe it works better on Vista. I ran it on the Dell in my sig.
  6. Google Chrome

    And mine is still running... more than 6 hours of continuous running with intermittent usage. I am actually impressed Update: Now it's been 11 hours. I think on stability at least it's good. The Shockwave plugin crashed without affecting the browser. Maybe that would be the USP?
  7. Google Chrome

    Starting a discussion about Google Chrome the new browser. I had read the comic they made to announce the release (Google it). I downloaded it earlier today and have been using it for a few hours now. Kudos to Google for: 1. It's a really stable browser for a first release. Hasn't crashed so far. 2. The download bar is tab specific and unobtrusive and neat looking. 3. The search bar is very good and highlights the text that matches the search and the lines which contain matches are colored in the scroll bar. Too difficult to explain try it out. 4. Looks good if you like FireFox 3 you'll like this. See screen shot of new tab. 5. Good tabbed browsing support. Allows both mouse (the + button) and keyboard (ctrl T) to open tabs. Tabs can be dragged out to create a new window. Tabs also open fast. 6. Compatible with most sites including this one. YouTube videos, Google Docs (of course) all sites I visited so far worked with it. Though there were niggling issues with only one ironically enough iGoogle ... google's own home page. Does spell check as you type like FF. As the browser is based on the proven Webkit browser engine it helps with the compatibility. 7. Each tab in the browser is a process. See the task manager screen shot you'll see multiple chrome processes for each tab. (See bugs below.) 8. The browser's own task manager which shows the memory and network usage of each tab is an awesome feature. You can see at a glance which of sites is hogging bandwidth/memory. It also allows you to close a tab but more importantly it allows you to close any plugin which will be run its own process. For example when I play a YouTube video I can kill the video without killing the whole site. Google touts this as a secure way of doing things only time will tell how this plays outside of their labs. Google has taken the idea of a secure sandbox from their Google Android project (my previous post) and used it here and used it well IMHO. Cons: 1. Each plugin runs as a process but not each instance of the plugin in each tab. For example if I have two YouTube videos playing I will see one Shockwave plugin (which Youtube uses for their videos) process for them. If I kill it both videos and any other application using the plugin will all die. This makes sense in a way because most to the time you will kill a plugin when it's doing something malicious so all instances would have to be killed. Still since they have gone down would be good to have a way to kill with finer granularity. ( Do I sound like a nerdy serial killer?) 2. They have made some major departures from the usual in UI design. No menu bar at the top and the book marks menu is different from what I am used to. This might just be a case of getting used to but novices might think twice before adopting a new browser. As for myself I like the changes - it is roomier. 3. No extensions? themes? toolbars? WTF! I can only guess later releases will address this. 4. No saving of current tabs? No warning when closing a window with multiple tabs? I mean even Microsoft Internet Explorer has that. Bugs: 1. The windows task manager shows each tab as seperate processes however killing one seems to kill the whole bowser. More importantly: If I open two Google Chrome browsers killing one kills the other!!! The real question that needs to be asked is: Is this worth giving up my current browser for? My answer is NO. It's a good browser but I don't see a convincing reason to move from my current browser. It's not just the minor glitches - after all FF, Safari and Internet Explorer all have some - the browser it self doesn't seem to have THAT ONE THING which will tempt people to move. When I first tried Firefox in '04 I was wowed by the tabbed browsing. Then the ease with which you could add plugins, add-ons, themes, toolbars etc etc. Later on was added the ability to save your tabs when you exit. Chrome's best features seem to be under the hood but how good these are we don't know yet. The only documents out there are those created by Google itself which is not a neutral source. Conclusion: Very good product but I am not going to click on the "Make Google Chrome your default browser" button just yet. SHAMELESS PLUG : Also posted this on my blog http://sxjthefirst.blogspot.com/2008/09/go...ew-browser.html
  8. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    booger_sniffer5000 is banned for trying to subtract scalar "nice signature" from the list "@ChocolateJeff" (My apologies to non-PERL speakers.)
  9. South Ossetia

    By corollary USA had more interest in welfare of it's people than the USSR. I didn't hear of any Putin's family members fighting either.
  10. Obama and YouTube are a funny mix.

    Stay away from mine !
  11. Blogs.. anyone actually has one?

    I blog and I blog and I blog. http://arentwebeingfunny.blogspot.com and http://jsridhar.blogspot.com and afew inactive ones...
  12. Take One, Leave One

    Knife Sword or Axe
  13. I know I am more than a bit late... I know who Pauline Hanson I tend to keep a list of racist xenophobes to avoid And I don't get how Obama is like her. Care to explain?
  14. Take One, Leave One

    Wood Plastic or Paper?
  15. South Ossetia

    I wrote about this on my blog ------ The worrying thing to me is how similar these tactics are to that of Nazi Germany's take over of Czechoslovakia. Step 1: Incite a group of local followers. Like ethnic Germans in Sudetenland here the Ossetians were supported and encouraged by Russia. Step 2: Misuse the principle of self-determination. Step 3: All this in the background of a bad global economy. Depression then, oil crisis now. Which seems to makes people sympathetic to extremist movements. Prepare for World War 3 my friends. Reinforce that bunker your grandparents hid under. Viva la Resistance! or if I am on the other side: Viva la anti-Resistance! -------- On a serious note do you think the US is the ONLY country interested in controlling the world events. Russia and increasingly China (think Sudan) are also extending their influence. This is not a movie with one villain and the rest of the characters being innocent. The unipolar world is coming to a end and we are returning to a multipolar world. Not too long ago Japan massacred 1000s in Asia. Not too long ago Belgium nearly wiped out the population of Congo. Not too long ago the Catholic church launched Inquisitions. It's the nature of the power.