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  1. Tom Snow

    GTX 1060 not recognized; "NVIDIA Chip Model"

    Here you go! Send me iMac.zip
  2. Tom Snow

    GTX 1060 not recognized; "NVIDIA Chip Model"

    "NvidiaWeb" is already checked. I tried unchecking it last night, and that only made it boot up without the web drivers.
  3. I'm running High Sierra (10.13.6) on my Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 with Intel Core i5-2500K, and a few days ago I installed a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card on it. For the most part everything works--I no longer suffer from the buggy graphics and occasional random freezes I was getting with onboard--but the 3D acceleration doesn't work, and it looks like the machine doesn't recognize my card. The web drivers ARE working, but when I look at "About this Mac" or "System Information" the graphics card is only named "NVIDIA Chip Model 6143MB." Correct amount of memory, wrong card. Does anyone know how to get this thing working right? I've scoured this forum and several others, and none of the solutions I've found work for me. I had used the iMac 14,2 system definition, and am now on 17,1, and neither made a difference. I checked nvida_drv=1 in config.plist and that did nothing. I tried checking "InjectNvidia" out of desperation, just to see if it would do anything, and that just changed the description to "Unknown 256MB" (I have since unchecked it). What else is there? Am I using the wrong system definition? Is there a kext I forgot to install?
  4. This is what I get when I try to install... I suspect it's something to do with the graphics card. When I run "About This Mac" or "System Information" the GPU is only listed as "NVIDIA Chip Model." I note that World of Warcraft doesn't work either, it says my graphics card is incapable of the right kind of 3D acceleration, even though I know for a fact that the card (a GeForce GTX 1060) is compatible with it. I've been searching here and elsewhere how to make the computer recognize the card.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to install Mojave on my Sandy Bridge machine, currently running High Sierra, but can't even get it started. It's still the same Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 mobo with Intel Core i5-2500K I've been using since 2012, but I've since upgraded the graphics to a GeForce GTX 1060. System definition is iMac 14,2. So, that should meet the system requirements, I thought. I can't download the installer directly from the App Store because it says it can't be installed on my computer. So, I used DosDude's patcher program to download the installer. But *it* says that my machine supports Mojave natively and there's no need to patch it. So I used chris1111's program to make an installer USB, put MaLd0n's Clover folder on it, booted off of that into the installer, and it says that Mojave can't be installed on my computer. Since the config.plist on the USB uses the iMac 12,1 definition, I replaced it with the config.plist I've been using, with 14,2, but had the same problem. Right now I'm using DosDude's program to make a patched installer USB. It's taking a long time but it's preparing the USB as I type this. Can anyone tell what's going on? If it's not the graphics card or the system definition, why does the installer think Mojave can't be installed? Thanks in advance.
  6. So here's the solution to my problem: change the system definition! Every time I tried to use the computer, it would work just fine, until I stopped doing anything and just let it idle. Then it would freeze in a few minutes. It was hard finding a solution to this because the internet is full of discussions about *random* freezes and my computer's freezing was not random. Eventually I found a few board postings by people with similar issues and they suggested the problem was power management, caused by an incorrect system definition. Mine was set to iMac12,2. I googled "system definition sandy bridge" and found that the best one to use was iMac12,1. So I changed it to 12,1 and...problem solved! I left home for a couple hours and when I came back it was in sleep mode, just as it should be, and it woke up perfectly normally. I hope this helps anyone having the same problem.
  7. So, I'm having issues now I never had before. My hackintosh works almost perfectly except for one little issue: it can't go to sleep and wake up without crashing somehow. This only started after I installed the latest system update. Four times since then I've let it go to sleep. Twice, it actually did sleep but then froze when waking up. One of the other times it rebooted automatically, so when I returned to the computer the Clover boot screen was up, and the other time it just froze instead of sleeping. Interestingly, it left log files the last two times (when it didn't actually sleep). This is the second one, when it froze. The timestamp is from when the computer was rebooting after I hit the reset button (time on the frozen screen was 5:16, time when I got back to the login screen after reboot was 5:22): {"timestamp":"2018-08-18 19:21:57.93 -0500","bug_type":"211","os_version":"Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G65)"} {"_marker":"<metadata>","_preferredUserInterfaceLanguage":"en","_userInterfaceLanguage":"en","_userSetRegionFormat":"US","startTimestamp":"2018-08-18T22:56:04Z","version":"1.0"} {"message":{"Uptime":1000,"activations":1,"activeTime":1414,"idleTimeouts":1,"uptime":1758},"name":"comappleosanalyticssystemUsage","uuid":"00866801-81a5-466a-a51e-a24b606ce5f1"} {"message":{"BogusFieldNotActuallyEverUsed":null,"Count":1},"name":"TwoHourHeartbeatCount","uuid":"7ad14604-ce6e-45f3-bd39-5bc186d92049"} {"message":{"BogusFieldNotActuallyEverUsed":null,"Count":1},"name":"OneDayHeartBeatCount","uuid":"a4813163-fd49-44ea-b3e1-e47a015e629c"} {"_marker":"<end-of-file>"} Is this at all related to the problem? My hardware is a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 with Intel Core i5-2500K. System definition is iMac 12,2. Running the latest version of High Sierra, 10.13.6.
  8. Tom Snow

    Can't install system update

    Finally installed the system update! And at the same time, fixed something else that had confused me. Ever since I installed High Sierra, I always wondered why "Install macOS High Sierra" was still an option at the Clover boot screen even though I had no installer on my computer. Then I found out its purpose yesterday: it's there to complete update installation. So I installed the Combo Update one more time, then rebooted, and then at the Clover boot screen chose "Install macOS High Sierra." That finally did it! It took something like 10 or 15 minutes to install, then rebooted again, and now my system is finally up to date (until Mojave comes out).
  9. Tom Snow

    Can't install system update

    Combo Update didn't work either. I tried 10.13.6 and 10.13.5 and neither fully installed, and I'm still stuck at 10.13.0.
  10. Tom Snow

    Can't install system update

    It was 10.13.0. Thanks for the tip, I'll check out Combo Update next.
  11. Hello everyone, I recently updated my Sandy Bridge machine (Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 mobo with Intel Core i5-2500K), built in 2012, to High Sierra. The installation happened much more smoothly than previous updates and my system works mostly fine, except for one thing...the App Store is telling me I need to install the High Sierra 10.13.6 update which requires a system restart. I have downloaded this update, installed it, and restarted the computer several times, and yet nothing happens and the system is not updated. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  12. Success so far...I followed both solutions (copying nullcpupowermanagement.kext to kexts/other and checking AppleIntelCPUPM in Clover Configurator) and the installer booted and installed High Sierra. After installing, it booted correctly which pleasantly surprised me because every other time I upgraded, I always had to deal with KPs and get solutions from the forum. But now I'm running High Sierra just fine! Except, the audio doesn't work and Seamonkey, my preferred browser, always crashes anytime I use it. However, these are Clover problems which I've encountered on previous upgrades and should be easily fixed.
  13. Thanks! I'll get to that as soon as I can, and let everyone know the results.
  14. Hello everyone, it sure has been a while since I last posted here. I'm trying to upgrade my Hackintosh to High Sierra, and right now it's running Sierra which I installed last year. My hardware is a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 mobo with Intel Core i5-2500K. Unfortunately, I can't even run the installer. I have an installer USB stick with Clover 4558 on it, and whenever I try to run the installer from it, I get a KP after an extremely long boot process. There are so many panic messages that flash by so fast, but I think I got everything relevant in these pics.
  15. I don't know if you had the same problem I did, but it may have been Lilu.kext. If that was the issue, I have a thread documenting my quest to fix it here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/332734-kernel-panic-after-security-update-cant-boot-into-recovery/