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  1. Boot-132 and GA-EP35C-DS3R

    Hi stevescotia, I'm glad you made progress.
  2. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    Hi, My life has gone wrong, The woman I have lived with for 10 years,whilst in hiding from her crazy ex husband and son because of death threats, has decided she wants her son more than me and has brought him into our life. He tried to terrorise me out of the house but I remained steadfast so she began calling the police and make false accusations of domestic violence . As a result I have 5 days to leave home for good, I have become homeless. My broadband will be disconnected any day now and I don't know when I'll be on the scene again. Hope to be back before long
  3. Boot-132 and GA-EP35C-DS3R

    I have the EP35 DS3 mobo and I used the boot 132 method but I made a custom 132 iso. You must also be sure you have a full retail dvd and not the dvd that came with a mac. If you pm me I'll let you have my boot 132 iso.
  4. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    Hi, Sorry I've been quiet, been busy with work and was also unwell. @ pavement714 and pinkytao, I'm on it now @ esoterikest, I'll look into it but not so sure.
  5. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    No Problem pinkytao pavement714, if you look earlier in the thread you'll see how to get the id's you need
  6. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    Hi Sekhar, your new bios is in your inbox. Report the results. Good Luck @ BlackTiger40. ok, but I need a few days.
  7. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    I can only add devices that I have the precise ids for, I'll do you a bios with the one you have and and I'll add the apple wireless-n 300 with bcm94321, I'll send you a link when it's done
  8. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    Hi All, So far I have tried what I know(which is limited) on my Compaq F.1F bios and on a HP F.39 bios both with success. I found the latter considerably more difficult due to variations in the layout of the whitelist in the bios rom, I needed two attempts at it and spent hours trying to figure it out. This makes writing a universal guide a bit harder. In the meantime,if you want me to help by providing a modified bios then you can PM with details of existing wireless card and the new card. The info I'll need is the VEN_ ,DEV_ and SUBSYS_ id's. and bios version. To enable you to obtain exact info on your new card this is how to avoid the 104 error... 1. Remove existing wireless card from laptop, leave the access cover off. 2. Boot laptop and enter boot selection screen. 3. Install new card (whilst laptop is running), no need connect antenna wires. 4. Boot into windows and new card will appear as unknown device. 5. Now you can obtain exact ven, dev & subsys id's from device properties If you aren't up to editing your own bios then I can do it for you.
  9. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    I was interesting for me. I got the chance to explore the possibilities. I've started on the tutorial, just want to make it as easy as possible to follow. It's quite a convoluted process. I'm pleased it worked well for you.
  10. HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    Yes, any card, I guess. Well, if I can make a genuine apple card work then I assume it's possible. I have to polish my method and try to keep it simple. I'll try to include some screen shots also.
  11. I now have an Apple Wireless N 300M fully functional in my Compaq Presario. I can now, with confidence, edit bios whitelist and flash bios. say goodbye to "104-Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted. Remove device and restart".Thanks to the entire osx86 community for any help and tips. If you need any help I am here for you. I intend writing a tutorial on how I done it. p.s. I can do this within windows at the moment, I'll experiment with an OSX method.
  12. Hi Wishie, trenw2323 and all. I now have an Apple Wireless N 300M fully functional in my Compaq Presario. I can now, with confidence, edit bios whitelist and flash bios. Thanks to the entire osx86 community for any help and tips. If you need any help I am here for you. I intend writing a tutorial on how I done it.
  13. Hi Wishie, How are you getting on with your whitelist mission? I am attempting to use an Apple Wireless N 300M in my Compaq Presario F500. So far I have managed to use Pheonix Bios Editor and with WinHex found the ROM with the whitelist. I found the ven id, dev id & subsys id of the card I know works,got it from device properties. The dev id was the same for the apple card but I changed dev id and packed the bios back together. Flashed my bios and on restart I got 104 error with the card that once worked, which suggests that I am editing in the correct place but my apple card still gives 104 error. Do i also have to edit subsys id? i dont know subsys for apple card only driver rev and radio rev id's. Any suggestions Please thanks
  14. HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    I need some help, please. Getting 104 error on presario f500 AMD. Wish to use Apple Wireless N 300M. My bios is F.1F and my dev id for existing card is.... PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4312&SUBSYS_1370103C&REV_02\4&14C5F9B7&0&0018 Please help Thank You
  15. All-new InsanelyMac website

    @ Ed. I love the new look. May I make a little suggestion? It would be cool, in my opinion, if users national flags were displayed. Of course, not all users disclose location. I'm mental about insanelymac. I was browsing sit on Macbook at my local Apple store whilst waiting to collect repaired iMac, cheeky monkey.