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  1. PeteUD

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    I've got XoM currently installed. Is it possible to use the driver CD that the Boot Camp Asst creates to install the video, keyboard, internet, etc drivers? If it is, would anyone with this CD be willing to send me it? Thanks
  2. PeteUD

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Roger that. Thanks
  3. PeteUD

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Any special precautions when wiping the HD clean and starting fresh if one's already installed Windows via XoM?
  4. PeteUD

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    You need a minimum partition of 10GB
  5. PeteUD

    OSX 10.4.6 update

    Has anyone had issues with the 10.4.6 update and dual-boot functionality? According to Apple: Is this meant to directly thwart XoM by Apple? I assume you have to rebless the boot.efi file in the CoreService folder after updating using Terminal (sudo bless --folder . --file xom.efi --setBoot).
  6. PeteUD

    Why do my clocks keep changing?

    I think it's due to your installation time
  7. PeteUD

    OSX slowdown due to XP install

    It's the crack. I benchmarked it using Xbench 1.2 and it's running inline with the rest of the stock 2GHz machines (~55 overall w/ beam sync on). So nothing to worry about. However boot up is slower esp if you restart. I think when you restart and go through the boot selection RAM is dumped that previously wouldn't. I think...
  8. PeteUD

    OSX slowdown due to XP install

    Has anyone noticed a general slowdown in OSX after installing XP? Boot up is definitely slower and it seems like apps bounce more on launch than usual. Or am I on crack? Does anyone have a stock 2GHz MBP w/ 1GB RAM that they've benchmarked either with XBench, GeekBench or Cinebench I'd like to have compare benchmarks pre- and post-XP install.
  9. PeteUD

    Renaming XP partition

    Just did it on the Mac side it it doesn't do anything. Has anyone noticed that the time is wrong on XP when it's correct on OSX?
  10. PeteUD

    Windows XP SP1 CD?

    You can use nLite to integrate the SP2 update. That's what I did and it works like a charm. 1. download and install nLite. 2. download winxp sp2 from Microsoft site http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en 3. copy your winxp sp1 (all the contents from cd to hard drive). 4. run nLite and integrate the downloaded sp2 with the copied source of sp1 (http://www.nliteos.com/guide/). The software is very easy to use and steps are self explanatory. 5. Now you've created a slipstreamed win xp sp2 source. 6. Follow the HOW http://wiki.onmac.net/index.php/HOWTO No need to create and burn an ISO
  11. PeteUD

    Upside down Windows logo during reboot FIX is here !

    ohiomothball's solution worked for me on my 2GHz MBP. I kept getting the upside-down Windows logo after my 1st installation (1st unpartioned space). I rebooted using the slipstreamed CD and reinstalled. This time the correct partion (C:/, Partion 2) showed up, formatted it FAT32, and installed perfectly. Rebooted and finished install. Works perfect so far. Even have working wireless internet (very surprised!)
  12. PeteUD

    Renaming XP partition

    After formatting the drive during the Windows install, the drive's name changed to NO NAME when booted into OSX. Can I rename it or will it break XOM?
  13. Make sure you're using the latest version of NERO (v7). Also, if it says the the CD didn't burn correctly (something about a disc-at-once mistake) at the end of the session you can still use the CD.
  14. PeteUD

    Partition Vanishes!

    This happened when I installed on my MBP. I encountered the upside-down Win icon at the boot screen. I reinstalled XP and it recognized the Win partition as the normal C:/ drive (Partition 2). Everything went smooth. BTW, I formatted my drive as FAT32 since I made the XP partition smaller than 32GB so I'm able to read/write to it with OSX. I haven't tried placing files on it yet. Has anyone done this??? Also, formatting also changed the name of the drive to NO NAME. Can I change this or will it break my XOM? Sorry if I hijacked this thread
  15. PeteUD

    non-sp2 slipstreamed?

    There's a work around for anyone with this problem. Check out http://nirlog.com/2006/03/18/winxp-and-osx...in-macbook-pro/