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  1. Ok, here's what happened. I got Iatkos v7 to work PERFECTLY. My two GeForce 9800GT cards are identified and support everything, sound and network are working as well. Since I installed NTFS-3G, I had access to my other HDD with contained 2 NTFS partitions. I started a file transfer from one of my ntfs partitions and went in the living room. When I came back, my NTFS drive had disappeared. A lot of the files were transfered, but I could see the drive anywhere. I accessed Disk Utility, and the drive was missing. After rebooting, my computer stopped at the Bios. I suspected my HDD had died, so I removed it and the computer booted normally and OSX was still working. I plugged my HDD inside an external case and connected it via USB, and I can access it without problem. What the hell happened ? Did this happen to anyone else ? Can I plug it back inside the computer now ? More important : If I buy a new HDD and install it, will this happen again ? Thanks
  2. The Sims 3 on Hackintosh

    FINAL EDIT Well I tried my best to run the game. It ran. The two versions I downloaded worked. But since the game/cider did not support my video card (OSX's system profiler shows my card with QuartzExtreme, QuartzGL Supported and Core Image is Hardware Supported). The performance I got with the game (BOTH versions of the game) was very poor, even on low graphics and every options disabled. I could barely see a diffence between the game's 'Normal Speed' and 'Ultra Speed'. Oh and no Antialias or Shadows (even with the options checked). I am relieve, though, that this is not only the case with Hackintoshes, but many genuine Macs can't run the game either. So I gave up and disk-managed the f-ck out of my HDD and now I run OSX (with a backup partition) and Windows 7 on the same HDD without problem. Anyway, if any of you manage to find a way to get the game running smoothly with Antialias and Shadows, I'll be happy to try it out
  3. The Sims 3 on Hackintosh

    There's some progress ! I managed to get SOME video working. I modified the file inside : /USER/Library/Preferences/The Sims 3 Preferences/config There was a similar issue with NeedForSpeed:Carbon on this forum. I adapted their workaround for the Sims's config file. I will post more of my progress, so far I'm trying to put options on and off in the [d3dgl] section of the file. We're getting close !
  4. OSX86 Games problem

    I tried restarting only using the VGA connector only, but it didn't work. Could it have something to do with the fact that : I don't have a DVI cable with my monitor, only a VGA one (it has the 2 connectors on the monitor, though) I use a VGA-DVI convertor to connect to my PC Any thoughts ?
  5. OSX86 Games problem

    I'm having the problem you all describe with Sims 3. My card (9800GT) is installed correctly, the game starts and I only see the cursor (the rest is a black screen). I know you're suggesting to use the DVI port instead of the VGA one, but I'm already using the DVI port. I'm going to restart and try the VGA port in a couple of minutes (waiting for a download to finish). I'll post if it worked or not.
  6. The Sims 3 on Hackintosh

    I have the same problem as nsfx84 : The game installs perfectly - The crack was correctly applied - The game starts Once it starts, I hear the music and get no error message, but I only see the Sims 3 cursor, the rest is a black screen. The game is clearly not crashed, because I can "click" on buttons and I hear the music changing. I tried to switch to Windowed mode, but still nothing (only the cursor). My video card is a 9800GT, and is installed perfectly. In System Profiler, Quartz Extreme and QuartzGL are marked as "Supported" and Core Image is marked as "Hardware Accelerated". I tried one other game so far, and it's Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It runs perfectly, full 3D, no lag. Any suggestion ? If you need more info, let me know. EDIT Here's the output in Terminal when I run cider manually, if that can be usefull :