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    Lenovo G570 - Issues after booting

    … i am very interested in the guide you mentioned in your post! please publish it!
  2. Hello, i want to do a new install of snow-leopard 10.6.3. on my ep-35-ds3p. What is the best way to achieve 10.6.3. when you install from scratch? Will i have to go through the guide from post #1 to the last post which is #606? Hell!!! Or is there a better way? Thanks for the brilliant guide, Adam
  3. 99,8% Working: Installed 10.5.6 Just replaced my old chameleon boot-file in rootdirectory with the one from efi v9, downloaded the 10.5.6-updater (not the combo-updater), put it on my 2nd osx86 installation and installed it. It worked without applying the DSDT patcher - It's just okay now or will i face future problems which are hidden in present? (i dont know if the DSDT patch is just made for installing-time problems and not for run-time problems) Should i install the DSDT-patcher right now, after the update? Nevertheless everything (a/v, sleep, shutdown, ...) ist working. Only one problem occured: after wakening from sleep, the usb-mouse freezes and i have to restart by navigating with the keyboard ... but that seems to be no specific hackintosh issue - its probably a bug in the 10.5.6 update itself: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...6&tstart=15 bye, adam
  4. Hello, 1000thanks for your smart and well elaborate guide. My Question to the forum: Can i use the Retailversion of OSX 10.5.4 (instead of 10.5.1) too? What will be the difference in installing? Thanks in advance, adam
  5. Hey - i would like to build such an hackinthosh too. but which kind of install you will use? netkas, leo4all, kalyway ....? i am very interested in this and i will look forward to the next postings. thank you, adam