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  1. I don't think anyone has managed to get Thunderbolt to show up correctly in System Prefs. I played around with injecting all the device properties from a Macbookpro13,2 and it didn't have any effect. The best I can get is to have Thunderbolt show up under PCI. I'm messing around with a Z270X motherboard which has the same TB chipset as the latest MacBook Pro's (the X99's use an older chipset from 2015) so we'll see if that is any different. Right now I'm just stoked that my USB 3.1 ports (Type-A and Type-C) both work at 10Gb speed and sleep/wake correctly via the ssdt I posted. I did tweak it a little bit more with correct device properties, so it's attached here. SSDT-BR1B.aml.zip
  2. Ok, here's a ssdt for BR1B that preserves the USB 3.1 port after sleep/wake. Thanks to mfc88 for getting me interested in this again and PikerAlpha for his invaluable information. I think I now have everything working on my MacPro6,1 X99P-SLI including sleep/wake, WOL with internal ethernet, WOL with ARPT, wake from Bluetooth etc. SSDT-BR1B.aml.zip
  3. Nice catch, I'll update mine accordingly. Have you had any luck implementing power management for hot-swap/wake issues?
  4. @mfc88, thanks for the help. I actually starting tweaking the ssdt myself and folded in some of PikerAlpha's code that he used on his USB 3.1 PCIE card. The result, while it looks better in ioreg, doesn't have much functional difference, so I'm still on the path of 'fixing' the power management as the gigabyte bios does not use the _PS0 or _PS3 methods. Anyway, I attached my modified ssdt and also the ioreg output. Cheers. SSDT-BR1B.aml.zip
  5. Aha, unfortunately no.. Thunderbolt: No drivers are loaded.
  6. I'm guessing then that this SSDT was purely cosmetic, as it doesn't appear to have any effect. Regarding System Info, under the PCI section I get: This computer doesn't contain any PCI cards or devices. If you installed or connected, a PCI card or device, make sure they’re properly installed.
  7. Ok, here's the updated ioreg screenshot. Thanks for the quick response. Regarding the lack of power options on the USB 3.1 port/Thunderbolt, I read that Apple calls _PS0 and _PS3, but just haven't got into ACPI development enough to understand how to add these.
  8. @mfc88. Great work on all the ssdt patches. I'm using an X99P-SLI and tried your Thunderbolt ssdt above, but it didn't work. Here's the section from ioreg for BR1B with the ssdt loaded. Additionally, on wake from sleep, there's a slew of USB errors from the 3.1 port and I've seen some discussion of this on Piker's blog, but haven't seen any fixes. Any ideas? Thx
  9. Yes, you just have to be careful, because taking the patch as-is and renaming H000 to IGPU causes the first instance of H000, which is under BR2A to have the graphics card inserted.
  10. nmano, nice job in putting this all together. Been building Hack's for a while, but the X99 is definitely a challenge. I'll attach my own config later when I get a chance. Just a few notes from my setup of Sierra, which is on a X99P-SLI board. I need to use npci=0x3000 for the PCI devices to be recognized correctly. My graphics card is on BR3A, under H000, not GFX0. It's also onboard-1, not onboard-2 You originally had a DSDT patch for sSATA, which isn't in your latest zip file. Any reason? BTW, although my MB has sSATA and I applied the patch, it doesn't show up under the PCI section of the System Report. Maybe because I don't have any devices attached? I have a 5820K, and use the FakeCPUiD Clover setting in order to have XCPM working correctly I can't use the X99Injector kext because it moves all my USB 2 devices under USB3 Chivs
  11. Hi, Firstly, thanks to digital_dreamer for his excellent set of scripts which I've used successfully on this board for a considerable time. I do have a new problem though and despite scouring the boards can't find a solution. My previous setup was a clean install of Lion on the EX58-UD5 using the scripts and latest Chameleon 2.1, D00D's DSDL for this MB and the bare minimum of Kext's to have a stable system. My previous graphics card was an 8800GT reflashed to be auto-recognized by the OS (this is from earlier days when getting cards to be recognized was a little harder). I just upgraded to a Zotac GTX550Ti card and now the fun starts... On boot up after the kext loading the screen just goes black. The only way I can get this to work at all is with an original 8800GT EFI string which obviously does not provide any graphics acceleration. I've seen all kings of hacks, additional kexts etc. but really like the clean approach I've been following with minimal system modification. Has anyone upgraded to this card or similar GTX5XX series successfully and what was the cleanest way to get this crd recognized? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.
  12. Make sure in your MB BIOS you have SATA set to AHCI mode. Then the OS should see your drives.
  13. Chivs

    [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    AB, Firstly, awesome job on the keyboard kexts. I'm using these on a different laptop with the ALPS trackpad and they work fine, however I have a couple of issues after waking from sleep. - The trackpad preferences are not remembered after waking up, i.e. tap to click etc. After reboot they work again. - In Finder windows or menus the mouse hovers erratically between it's physical location and the currently selected text item on the menu. Once you cursor up/down within wither the file list or menu, this stops. Both of these only apply after a wake from sleep. Many thanks.
  14. It's good to know someone has it working. Would you mind sharing your BIOS version and settings, and whether you've made any changes to S/L/E. In my case everything in S/L/E is vanilla, I use 2 EFI strings, one for the LAN and the other for the 8800GT. Nothing special in /Extra either, however I did run the DDST builder and removed busratio=20 from the boot plist as it shouldn't be needed with the 10.5.7 kernel. Thanks
  15. The only remaining challenge I have for this system is Automatic Sleep. Manual sleep/wake works just fine. Does anyone have automatic sleep working? Thanks.