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  1. Anyone has tried installing Lion on Microserver? Any success?
  2. Hi, i have installed SL 10.6.7 on my microserver according to this amazing guide. I use it mainly for AFP file sharing and for Time Machine backups. I have installed 4x2 TB SATA disks (setup as software raid 10 in OSX) and I run the OS off a USB OCZ SSD drive (the drive has both SATA and USB 2.0 connections). Randomly after 2-5 days the OS is not responsive - ie it seems that the USB OCZ drive is not accessible till I poweroff and poweron again. I bought an SATA->ESATA kit and patched the bios in order to use the OCZ SSD drive on ESATA instead of USB hoping it will be more stable. Problem is that it seems i can't boot the OCZ disk of the esata (remember i just move from USB to ESATA the same disk). One thing I assume might be going wrong is that BIOS will move around the hard disks. Currently I have disk0,1,2,3 - which are my 4 2TB disks and when i add the ESATA this changes as disk0 = ESATA OCZ disk disk1,2,3,4 are the 2 TB disks So there two concerns right now about the boot hanging... 1. Disks are moved in the SATA channels 2. Is my RAID 10 affected as there are different SATA ports reported by bios? I assume if i reinstall everything with the disk on ESATA that it will work but i was wondering if there is any quick hack to make it work without reinstalling. Thanks!