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  1. @chunann Can you patch 10.13 io80211family for ar9565 too?
  2. Thanks a lot. I'll try this and report back :3 @chunann Perfect, it has working flawlessly ! Can't say how much I appreciate your great work !
  3. Here you are. Thanks a lot. IO80211Family.kext.zip
  4. Can you patch for El Captain please? I can't get it working with Clover Kexttopatch with AR9485 cuz Fix_Airport4000 cause KP
  5. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @DroneFriend Can you help me with mine too? I can't make Mic Input to use too
  6. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    HIi, I'm using ALC with my hackintosh sierra and CX20751/2. The output works normally, but the input is detected without any sound. PinConfigurations: 1040210120001790309081013010a1034000a090e0005628 Codecs Found: 1 HDA: 0 CodecAddress:0x0 VendorID: 0x14f1510f RevisionID: 0x100100 CodecID: 351359247 Revision(dec):=1048832 Id=0x510f Id(dec)=20751 Vendor=0x14f1 Vendor(dec)=5361