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  1. 1800x at 4ghz. I get the same score at 3.9 though.
  2. Interesting. I get about 175k on my Ryzen system with Vega 64 stock bios. The score is the same on 10.13.2 and the 10.13.3 beta.
  3. I'm using 19,1 as well, but wondering if some of the Vega issues are worked out in the iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS, especially since it's the one shipping with the new iMac Pro.
  4. Is the SMBIOS a condition of the kernel? Noticed the new iMac Pro is using iMacPro1,1. I pulled the info from Pikeralpha's blog and tried to use it but the boot hangs right after the Clover menu.
  5. Yeah, but only the top row of USB ports on the back work. I've resorted to using the Generic USB3 kext for now and the USB tab under system info be blank.
  6. There's a patched SmallTreeIntel82576.kext floating around. Check the other forums, the one specific to AMD and OSX.
  7. I used the port increase patch. Crosshair VI Hero and 1800x. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  8. I tried another clean install using the new script. Now my USB section lists hardware however none of my USB 3 ports work except for the top row. If I add the generic USB 3 kext the the USB section shows blank again but all my ports work. Edit: I mean to say that only the top row of USB 3 on the back works. Others, including the front, do not. Also, I have a monitor with a built-in hub that I use form my keyboard which doesn't work either with this method. With the generic usb 3 kext the hub works.
  9. So I've reinstalled 3 times now and I'm still showing a blank "no information found" under USB in System Report. I'm not using any dummy kext or patched CoreMediaIO/SPUSBReporter. All my USB connection are working although I need to run a few more tests to check speeds. Not sure what I can do at this point. I'm running the C6H.
  10. Thanks. I was hoping a reinstall wasn't the solution. Edit: Did a full reinstall and still have the same issue. I never installed his USB fix.
  11. Hmm. This is what my USB tab looks like. All of my USB ports seem to be working though. I'm on the C6H.
  12. FYI, if you install the VDC.plugin in XCiLNZ's post install script, certain apps will not work. This could be dependent on hardware but I had issues with Chrome crashing every time I tried to access the settings to disable hardware acceleration. Replacing the CoreMediaIO.framework with the vanilla one provided by mfaustin fixed the issue.
  13. I might try that. There are plenty of apps that crash at 30 bit. Load Steam, or Resolve, or the Steelseries software and you'll find they crash. I read you can run a command line launch that forces apps to run without GPU acceleration. I need to find it though and try.
  14. Vega drivers in HS are still very immature. In my opinion, they keep the current state of the OS from being suitable for primary daily use. Good deal. Thanks!
  15. If you used the post install patcher those files are not vanilla. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk