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  1. Hey man, I feel your pain. This is EXACTLY the same problem I am having.
  2. I just did an install of Windows 7 into a fresh partition. Now I can't boot into my mac partition with chameleon bootloader. I think the Windows 7 install jacked with the MBR or active partition, so I tried fixing some stuff. I booted into GParted Live CD and marked OS X with flag "boot", like it should be. I then proceeded to mark the OS X partition active by booting up with the install disc and using terminal. However, I still, when booting up, get stuck at the cd boot screen (my computer is set to boot CD/dvd before it goes to hard discs). The only way I was able to boot up into OS X was to pop in the install dvd, just leave it to "load" by not pressing anything, and voila! My OS X partition boots up. Why am I having this problem? I just need to get it back like it was, booting up in the OS X partition. Any help appreciated, mtrog007
  3. It's not like I haven't searched around or anything... I know this. Could you point me in the right direction? I installed ubuntu without the grub bootloader and of course, chameleon doesn't recognize it. So what do I do when installing linux? Last time I installed linux and didn't touch the bootloader, the grub bootloader threw a bunch of errors at me... Just a noob looking to do complicated stuff, Thanks, mtrog007
  4. I have mac osx leo and xp installed. I want to install ubuntu, but don't know of any easy way of doing so because of it's grub bootloader messing things up. Does anyone have a relatively simple way of triple booting linux, mac os x, and xp? Thanks in advance, mtrog007
  5. I have a 3 partition hard drive. First partition (listing from disk utility) is Leopard. Second, free space. Third, Windows XP. I know theres a way to merge the free space to the Leopard partition using a unix / terminal command, but I have been unable to locate it. Does anyone know how to merge the two without losing data? It's basically just like resizing the Leopard partition to use up the free space. Thanks, mtrog007
  6. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    Everytime after a fresh install that craps out I reformat the mac partition, then go into installer after that. I did let it check the dvd once because I had thought of that, but it went through 100%. After reformatting the mac partition, should I do disk repair? That doesn't make any sense to do that though...
  7. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    Install failed... log :: Is something wrong with my hard drive???? I followed his steps exactly, word for word, with a hdd name "mac"
  8. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    With the voodoo kernel, what are the benefits / what does it do for me?
  9. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    What do you mean without a space?
  10. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    I've been trying to install Vanilla 9.6.0 kernel because I was told that's the one you should get if you want easy software updates. Would any other kernels like TOH 9.2.0 kernel do that?
  11. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    Didn't work, trying kevtucker's idea without any fixes and patches This did not work. I tried not checking anything on video drivers and no fixes / patches and still did not work.
  12. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    Thanks guys, I'll try these tips out and report back.
  13. ***** NOTE ***** This install is failing, not not installing completely and not working. Fail message:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not new to the whole 86 thing, but this iPC install is kicking my ass. Here's what I am choosing for the install ----- -iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System -No language translations Kernel :: -Vanilla (nothing selected) Video Driver :: -NVinject 0.2.1 256mb Chipset Driver :: -Intel ICHX SATA driver Audio Driver :: -ALC888 (old) <--------------- using this because ALC888 is for ICH9 Ethernet Driver :: -Skge Marvell Yukon driver Fixes and Patches :: -Dual Boot Time Sync -USB Mount Fix -Shutdown/Restart AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev3 Mac Pro Appications -DeepSleep Widget -EFI Studio -OSx86 Tools Utility -Kext Helper b7 -PPF-O-Matic -Pacifist -MSR Tools -Universal OSx86 Installer -DSDT Patcher GUI -MKext Tool I have had to install this 5 times so far, each failing. I'm not quite sure what is going wrong. If it is any help, when I boot into gparted to get rid of the partition, it says it has 250mb used... Meaning that the install is stopping around that point. Another point of consideration is whether or not I should use NVinject 0.2.1 256 mb or NVdarwin 256 mb... My specs are in my sig, nothing special Any help appreciated, Thanks mtrog007 EDIT ----- -Tried xx66stangxx idea, used everything above with nvdarwin 256mb and no fixes, DIDN'T WORK -Tried kevstar's idea, used no video drivers and no fixes, DIDN'T WORK
  14. Riws, Your talking to noobs here man. Delta update? I know you can extract packages with pacifist, but how would I know what to extract? Just need the specifics from anyone who's accomplished the 10.5.6 update with iDeneb v1.3
  15. I am probably in the same boat with emway, which script are you talking about? I have heard people get problems with that .kext, but I don't know how they fixed it...