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  1. Datdude717

    Need help installing on Ryzen 5

    I've attached my Clover folder for viewing. I've completed everything up until the steps to rebuild prelinkedkernel. I then get an error (Error loading kernel cache (0xe)). CLOVER.zip
  2. Datdude717

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    I just have a few questions since I've wiped my drive and prepped it for installation. After the reboot from pre-installing Mojave, besides replacing the PK and editing the plist, what other steps are needed to be done before rebooting to finish the installation? The step(s) that specifies to rebuild PK, kexts, etc. via installer doesn't work for me, as I am not sure when that step should be done (whether before attempting to boot to the desktop or after)? I've downloaded XLNC_v3, used the prelinkedkernel from that folder the replace the exisiting PK in the macOS Install Data folder of the drive. Should I do anything with the kernel and System.kext files BEFORE rebooting to complete the installation? I've attached my CLOVER folder to display the drivers/kext I currently have. Now, whether I'm missing anything or something is in the wrong place, I'm not 100% sure. My USB uses the same CLOVER files (kexts,drivers) as High Sierra, which installed successfully. Here's my specs: MSI B350M GAMING PRO Ryzen 5-1600 @ 3.7GHz 16GB DDR4 2666MHz GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 4GB CLOVER.zip
  3. Datdude717

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    I’m a newb testing out the waters on this thing, I’ve done just about everything (presuming it was all done correctly), but I’m getting this screen. any pointers as to what I’m doing wrong?