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  1. PC IT

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thank you for fast reply , but i couldent find what i am looking for , anyone can patch the ssdts and dsdt for me so i can try? thank you
  2. PC IT

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello to all supporters in this new boot loader , my system is working perfectly with it , but i dont have brightness slider , pnlf device , and system never sleep when closing the screen lid , can anyone help me , i think i need to patch the dsdt and ssdt to match the new boot loader. hope anyone can help me? thank you for this project.
  3. PC IT

    OpenCore Discussion

    This is a great change in the boot loader , i am using clover and it is working flawlessly but i would like to try this new boot loader , i did as on the installation process but my system stop after the acpi injection , can anyone help me so i can send my patched dsdt and ssdt and config plist file , waiting any reply , again , thank you for this new boot loader.
  4. Thank you for the reply , did as the update , still devices not shown , can you or anyone take a look at my files
  5. Hello to everybody , i tried the method in my hack but still the devices not appear in the pci list in the system information panel, find attached my config plist , ioreg , and dsdt ssdts attached hope someone can help me , Thank you in advance. files.zip
  6. Thanks for this important topic, still need to know if we need to patch dsdt first then add the devices or add the devices in dsdt one by one. thanks for the reply
  7. PC IT

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hi to All , Can anyone upload a full efi folder so we know where to place the kexts and efi files , what to tick on config.plist file , any dsdt ssdt files needed , just full working efi folder as a sample plz. Thanks
  8. HI there , running with flickers on desktop icons , and chrome and safari .. dont know why
  9. PC IT

    sound issue

    Hi , I have the same issue on my Hack , when i connect the headphones , i need to move the slide to the left or to the right so i can get sound , not sure if it is stereo or mono in this case , i use layout id 99 for my alc255 card. any advice will be appreciated . thanks
  10. Hello and thanks for all.. Installing hs went smooth in my hack .. dell skl hd 520 as on my signature . but i am having the power after sleep doesn't work. when closing the lid or click sleep .. only black screen shown .. i can hear the ding sound when clicking spacebar which means the system is working but the display is not working after sleep .. i posted this problem since hs pb 8 , Waiting any reply .. with regards.
  11. PC IT

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Thanks for all the updated info here .. I have my dell system as on signature , High sierra is working properly but my sandisk ssd 250 gb , 6gb cache ,is slow on booting , about 18 sec , also system never wake after sleep , just black screen turning slowly to white screen after wake. while wake after sleep working properly on sierra 12.6 . anyone has such issues ? with any solutions .. Thanks
  12. Thanks Rehabman and Herve. It worked as expected. Checking bt-wifi on the bios , since the wifi is not supported for hackintosh (Intel wifi) , i disabled the wifi keeping only bt device , it worked. Thanks again Rehabman and Herve.
  13. Thanks Rehabman - Herve for ur info.. I am trying to fix the issue but still i cant .. tried the ssdt from other users but it remain the same .. i need ur help find attached my iojones file to help me sorting this issue with best regards Macos High sierra and sierra latest update IT’s MacBook Air.zip
  14. Thanks Rehabman .. does that mean the m2 wifi -bluetooth card is connected to another controller or through usb3 ?? how to solve the problem ??, am using ur config plist for my model hd520 !!!