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  1. hey there! first of all, thanks soo much..i thought i had to go back to linux after all the effort i put in to make snow leopard running on my dell studio 1557..it was a pain to boot in safe mode all the time.. i did what the op described, changed ATIRadeon2000 to have my device id (0x95531002) its an ati mobility radeon 4570, put the kext and ATI4500 into Extra/Extensions, rebooted with Graphicsenabler=y and it works...not so sure about QE though, dvd player says it cannot find a supported card, the resolution is limited to 1440x1050 (because of wide screen 1080p led screen) but at least it is booting up now and showing the graphics..i changed my dsdt.aml as well with dsddt patcher and setting Peregrine as the framebuffer, it is still showing only 256 mb for now..but still, thanks alot, great job, i am sure it will be resolved soon...
  2. efi+vanilla kernel

    Antoniya001, thank you so much!! i just installed iatkos v4i with vanilla 9.4.0 kernel, only to see that i could only boot with cpus=1 flag!! but your hint made my day!! both cores are working now..
  3. About Megaupload & Rapidshare

    when using your premium account with speed download or igetter, make sure that you use not your login name u use to login in to set the cookies, but your account number..can be found in rapidshare > premium zone > options, at the bottom of the page
  4. About Megaupload & Rapidshare

    hey mate... i tried both speed download(er) 5 and igetter.. personally liked igetter more...sure you will find them out there :-) hope this helps