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  1. I have vmware with xp working just fine, haven't done a multisystem install as I use a serparate windows machine. Also haven't done any overclocking yet because I'm unsing the stock 9550 fan. What fan are you cooling the cpu with for overclocking? Do you find it makes a big performance difference?
  2. Im using 10.6.4 with cartri's bios and everything is running awesome, even have wake from keyboard and mouse finally. check it out cartri.net Just follow the manual to a T and everything works, only 3 kexts in extra, and no com.apple.boot.plist or smbios needed or DSDT!!!!
  3. THANKS d00m42 The link works fine. whats missing is a comprehensive guide to go from empty drive to 10.6.3, without having to read through 110 pages of postings. Thanks for all the work you have put into this topic so far. I've been following your guide since its inception and have two rigs going with the UD3R. A few weeks ago I kept getting a recurring log in screen, had to scrap that build, than I tried kakewalk but that didn't seem to stay stable and eventually apps would crash as soon as opened and had frequent "restart this computer" messages. So luckily I had a superduper copy to boot off of and superdupered that to a new drive, still using rc2 I think. One thing I'm not so clear on is this: Can I prepare another 10.6.3 drive from my current working 10.6.2 drive without using a USB key, by say loading camelean onto it and then the install DVD.img?
  4. started up and getting a login screen, I log in and then the login screen appears again. I repaired permissions and rebuilt directory with a separate os on usb hard drive, same problem. Any ideas?
  5. I would have to agree with JFLNYC. In fact I did my research and went out and bought my hardware after reading your OP. That's the way these builds should be done. Hardware specific with an install method that we know is going to work. So get that schoolwork done and post your masterpiece. Great work!!! And thanks for sharing it
  6. did you put in the new netkas sleepenabler?
  7. [Guide] 10.6 Snow Leopard on GA-EP45-DQ6

    Installed using the guide and the RC3 from a few posts back and all is working well. Also have 10.5.7 on another hard drive that was inadvertently updated to 10.5.8 that now crashes when booting. Using the DQ6 motherboard. Does anyone know what I have to do to rescue that disk to functionality again? I do have another box with the same motherboard running 10.5.7. I know it has something to do with the powermanagement.kext or something just not sure of the details. Need to be pointed in the right direction.
  8. Get a trendnet gigabit pci card for 15 bucks, problem solved, tiger direct
  9. Did you disconnect the windows drives before the install? Think you need too! See step 6. in troubleshooting
  10. Just something I noticed: I use a few appleTV's at home and had the bonjour fix included in my install but was losing the appleTV's in itunes. Installed a trendnet gig card and was still losing the them. I removed bonjour fix and now got them back again. So dont use bonjour fix if you have a seperate network card installed.
  11. Got everything working perfectly on three machines using the ud3r, with the usb install method, and bonjour fix. But I can not get time machine to recognize my networked time capsule. Has anyone else had this issue. I have a few real macs on the network and they recognize it just fine. Bonjour all seems to works fine, can share files and screen share no problem. And time machine will work with a local drive. Any idea's????
  12. You just need to change the flag arch=i386. Its in this topic somewhere.
  13. I installed sl on my UD3R and all is working as per your guide including sound. Did the DSDT thing and the bonjour thing. Upgraded to 6.1 ok, ilife 09 installed. When I start iTunes i keep getting the license agreement and its not saving my settings for the AppleTV's. I deleted the pref files and restarted and tried again but still keep getting the License agreement each time it starts and it still doesn't save my AppleTV devices. Any else have this problem or can suggest a fix. Also get this message in disk utility if i try to repair permissions "Error: No installer packages can be found for this disk"
  14. Will this install work from an imaged snow install disk using a 10.5.8 hackintosh to another sata drive in the case? Getting that "you must restart the computer" screen after the apple shows up with the light grey background> I did the image from a bought copy of snow. My dvd rom stopped working and dont have another sata one to throw in so I was using a .dmg file i created with the disk