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  1. RT @juanpe_molina: A very good job from these guys! Wishing to try the new Oreo flavor... https://t.co/fRukHyd8wH

  2. i have similar specs to you i have the same motherboard 15 6400 16gb ram and Nvidia gpu the way i got it to work out the box is set up the usb like it was the main drive. enable wifi so when your done with the setup wifi works from the start and when you sign in to icloud everything should work. also use smbios 18,3 i also wanted to report i upgraded to 10.13 and everything worked except sound but there is a fix for it on tonymac86x but besides that i was messing around with sleep and its partially working! i put my computer to sleep for 30 min and instead of having a kernel panic and restarting when trying to wake up the system itself woke up. i say partial because after the system woke up everything was laggy and slow but after a restart that fixed the issue. maybe we can work from this and finally get sleep fully working!
  3. can someone help me? trying to disable preboot and recovery but in bootlog and terminal everything is different what would you need if you decide to help?