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  1. Grey screen after spinning wheel

    it is probably the video drivers... try to install without the ati / nvidia drivers... it worked for me Just install your video drivers later on
  2. Help with Inspiron 6000

    It does work right now... THere is no such thing as airport icon... (yet) maybe after installing networkselector... don't know yet.
  3. Help with Inspiron 6000

    when you want to edit a text file use this command: sudo pico /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/Info.plist -Bj, do you also have an airport Icon? I did the same as you did but no succes yet...
  4. Help with Inspiron 6000

    same here... I don't have wireless 2200bg working. I installed the iwi2200.dmg but i'v got no results so far. I don't know exactly what to expect actually. Should I see an airport icon? Or is it visible as an network adapter? And what about the networkselector.kext, what should I do with that? Anyone can explain me how to?
  5. ATI Radeon x300 Mobility

    I'v got some problems here. I'v got an Dell Inspirion 6000 with x300. After installing the katana patch i'v got a resolution of 1280 x 800. Only problem is that I still don't have QE/CI working. Never ever got a slight thought it would. Does anyone of you knows a way how to? I followed to to guides here, but both with the same result. let me know if you got an idea, besides the written tutorials in this post! ______________________________________________________________________ this is the key to succes: i got video working on my 6000 with the allinone package from the video howto: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...068&hl=x300 download the script, read the instructions. i used ./doe.sh cal3 0x0x0 1 1
  6. Jas 10.4.6 freezes on boot

    Just install osx, without all the extra's. When I installed OSX, with the ati kext I got the same as you have... Just don't install them...
  7. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    I'v also installed 10.4.6 again. Before I had 10.4.3 but that one did have support for QE. But how do I get my x300 get to work right now. Installed the Jas patched dvd with the radeon options. but no QE support yet. Has it something to do with the opengl? how do I install that?>
  8. I agree with that... That why we should make some kind of large FAQ with al the common and less common problems. I searched and readed until my ass got purple to get the right answer to my question. That's why there should be a FAQ.
  9. The onboard sound could be the problem. Altough I couldn't disable it in the bios... So that didnt work for me...
  10. Just use another patch. Or get your patches from maxxus his site... For wesley patch, take a look a www.win2osx.net... I patch everything myself with maxxuspatches... now it's working well...
  11. Can you exactly explain how you did it? I'v tried also a few things with vendors and stuff, but don't know if I did it right... Could you explain in a few steps how you did it?
  12. ah k tnx... I read something about that yet... it sucks...
  13. how can I change my resolution to 1280 x 800? tried it with com.apple.boot.plist, but no succes. <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>1280x800x32@60</string> that's right isn't it?
  14. tnx... sound works.... why doesnt the x300 works? it should be suported I thought?
  15. how can I use install my x300?