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  1. @Cyberdevs So up until now i havn't felt more laggish than before in 2D use (there always was some lag like in destop switching) and in games it feels at least as good as with 10.13.3
  2. @Cyberdevs Honestly up until now, no more than before both in Apps and in Games. I'll try some more and keep you updated.
  3. @chris1111 Merci j'avoue je l'aurais cherché si la méthode en question avait pas marché
  4. @Cyberdevs thx finally made it by removing the .IAPhysicalMedia but had to make a full install
  5. @SavageAUS i'll try that /EFI/EFI/BOOT/.IABootfiles/BOOTX64.EFI ?
  6. @apianti @13parsecs Thanks. in the end i tried everything even making a full new usb stick installer, but it won't find the stick in question i think 10.13.4 is not for me for now. i'll wait.
  7. And there is the listing from macos install folder listing.txt
  8. @apianti before restarting, i launch the combo installer so after clicking restart i have the "installing update" very quick less than 30 sec then reboot automatically on macOS Install then 1 min load and finally error message i posted first i added you the install log installlog.txt
  9. here are how i launch install and log of installer before reboot installlog.txt
  10. i’ll post you screens
  11. it restarted on its own. i have 2 hackintoshes. one that updated smoothly. this one i tried update from both MAS and Combo update, same result. before first restart, you have a progress bar, then restart, again progress bar, and this message. last update worked like a charm. what could go wrong with smbios?
  12. @apianti here listing.txt
  13. @apiantiThanks, but shouldn't the mac os 10.13.4 combo installer from Apple Downloads site contain the whole thing ? And i didn't made any usb drive. appart from the original install of the OS up until now i have always been able to update even directly from MAS
  14. personnaly can't update, forever end up on this translation: macOS can't be installed on your computer installer resources can't be found quit install program and restart then try again
  15. lilins

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    So we tried again on the en1070k from the en1060 setup changing smios to imac 18,2 -BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext from https://github.com/syscl/XPS9350-macOS in Clover/kext/others folder: Not working -BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext in /Library/Extentions folder: working -BrcmPatchRAM2.kext in CLOVER and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext in /Library/Extentions folder: working inverse not working so it seems that on the en1070k that the BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext can't work when launched from CLOVER. Has anyone seen this before, is there a workaround? i'd prefer a clean clover only kext folder. Thanks for your help