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  1. How can i get Tiger Installation Disc? I would like to try patching for my display card and open QE/CI to supported (ATI Radeon X550). I found installation Disc on Bittorrent, but it very slow Anyone can give me for FTP Link?
  2. Help me please... ATI Radeon X550, QE/CI supported?

    Try this step by step But QE/CI didn't work.
  3. Help me please... ATI Radeon X550, QE/CI supported?

    which tiger (version) that work for my X550?
  4. I try it many times with this steps here, but it doesn't work -- QE and CI not supported. I have used Callisto 008 and ATIRadeon9700.kext from Leopard Graphic Update 10.5.2. T try to boot system with verbose (-v) mode, I saw Callisto called PLL and etc normally, no any error. I can adjust my screen resolutions, but QE and CI didn't work anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you have any suggestion for setting up this graphic card kext ?
  5. Follow the guide that you told me? (yes or no) But the next steps in you guide is I must have Mac OSX installed in my PC. See read this... or I misunderstood that.
  6. Please told me steps byy steps how you have done.
  7. Now, I have extracted AppleVIAATA.kext from my installation DVD (Kalyway 10.5.1). And what's next steps that I have to do?
  8. Please tell me how to add hardware id into instalation DVD step by step. I will try it. Now, my computer is runing on windows xp sp2
  9. I already have AppleVIAATA kext from AppleVIAATA.kext.universal.ICH9_spec_ids.zip that I searched from the internet But I not sure that is the version from tiger.
  10. please go to this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=96313 I have problem about SATA and ASUS mobo.
  11. But this in the link that you gave me I'm using 10.5.1 kalyway leopard to install, but I still got this prob. I will try for this solution and report it back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone have solution for this problem, please told me how to do with it.
  12. Help me please... Disk Utility can't see my sata hdd but can see only DVD Drive On 10.5.1 Kalyway Leopard DVD -- Primary IDE Master (If i set it to primary ide slave - I got "Still waiting for root device") HDD -- SATA 1