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  1. PandaStirling

    Introduce yourself.

    I am on InsanelyMac since 2013 or 2014 but I changed account. And, I never seen this thread, so better later than never, here's my presentation :-) I'm Jules, from Chartres, France, I'm 16 years old, I started the "hackintosh experience" back in 2013 when at 12 years old when I wanted to try Mac OS X, but I started fiddling around with computers when I was 8 years old on a Xubuntu 8.04 computer my father gave me I always liked challenge, and since installing Mac OS X on a PC looked back then a pretty hard thing, I tried I went to a shop and bought blank DVD, came back home and installed Lion on my PC: at that point, there was few things: Graphics wasn't working, Ethernet wasn't working, Sound wasn't working I bought a cheap WiFi USB dongle, and used my PC for a few month like that, I would eventually downgrade to Leopard to get the GMA 950 working Few month later, I bought a GT 610 to get graphics acceleration, then I upgraded to Mavericks, and little bit after, to Yosemite Then 4 years later, I am there on High Sierra But, putting my Hackintosh experience aside, I am passionate by computers, sound and Professional Audio and Sound System (I build subwoofer cabinet out of stuff I find from time to time, and I always fiddle in my room with some speakers, trying to do stuff with some cardboard or {censored} like that, recently I made a MTB-246 miniature using old Logitech speaker, surprisingly it works well I mix from time to time, usually Tribe/Hardtek, Frenchcore, Hardcore, Trance/Minimal, and I love going to free party Okay so I think that's it haha
  2. PandaStirling

    Geforce1070 ti de chez Nvidida

    Salut, Installe ça si tu est sous High Sierra (si c'est le cas, tu es dans la mauvaise section): https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387.
  3. Hey I guess it is, I couldn't find anything about it Let's be the first to tell us and try Install it on a unused HDD/SSD if you're not sure, that way if it turns out bad, you can simply remove that drive and come back to whatever OS you're running at the moment
  4. PandaStirling

    Quelle upgrade pour mon hack ?

    C'est plutôt problématique pour le coup, le pauvre SFF chauffe déjà beaucoup (le CPU et la carte graphique passive dépassent les 75°C) C'est vrai, je pense que le SSD et le carte graphique changera vraiment les choses. Mais, quand j'y repense, j'ai une GeForce GT 730 2GB que j'ai prêté à un ami, ne pouvant pas l'utiliser étant une carte graphique "full size" Je peut voir pour changer pour un Optiplex i5 Mini Tower style 390 ou 790, je pourrais utiliser mes 8Go+la ram qui viendra avec, mon SSD Kingston de 240Go (si il ne déconne pas comme dans le 780) et ma GT 730, ce qui me permettra de vraiment gagner en perf/prix, et également de faire tourner macOS Mojave quand il sortira Le seul problème ça va être de le trouver, le moins cher qui répondent a ces critères sur leboncoin par chez moi est a 190€.
  5. Just look at macOS Mojave, it's not really replacing standard app with iOS app, it was just to port Home and Voice Recording app to the Mac (using the iPad UI, I believe)
  6. Salut Alors j'ai actuellement El Capitan d'installé sur un Optiplex 780 et je voudrais le mettre à niveau histoire de pouvoir tourner sur une nouvelle version un peu plus confortablement Donc il a un Core 2 Duo E8400, 8Go de RAM DDR3, un HDD de 1To Seagate et une HD 5450 1Go Comme budget j'ai 75/80 euros (oui assez serré mais je pense avoir trouver mon bonheur) J'ai vu 3 options, laquelle choisiriez-vous ? Option A: 34 euros: Core 2 Quad Q9650 29 euros: Kingston SSD 120Go 11 euros: adaptateur lecteur laptop 2,5" Option B: 38 euros: Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 1Go DDR3 34 euros: Core 2 Quad Q9650 Option C 29 euros: Kingston SSD 120Go 11 euros: adaptateur lecteur laptop/2,5" 38 euros: Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 1Go DDR3 Je serais tenté de prendre la C étant donné que ma 5450 se fais vielle et n'est plus bien supporté sur Sierra et versions ultérieure Et également parce-que mon hack rame de temps à autres, donc le SSD est un peu nécessaire je dirais et je ne pense pas que ce soit la faute du Core 2 Duo (quoique) (Et j'ai besoin de l'adaptateur pour foutre le SSD a la place du lecteur, ayant quand même besoin de mes 1To se stockage) Qu'en pensez-vous ? Merci
  7. Actually I had to, I couldn't boot macOS (so I couldn't change the files), but anyway, I put back the SSD on my MacBook (way to much hassle) So I'm back at High Sierra 10.13.4, I'll install Sierra soon when I will have the time.
  8. So I tried and it {censored}ed up everything XD With the original DSDT and your config.plist, it booted to a black screen, couldn't start the hackintosh even with -x I put the SSD in a external enclosure, connected it to my MacBook Pro, and put the original back (Which I had on my Sierra Install Stick), but It really did not help (interdiction sign) I also reinstalled Clover from the MBP, and put the files from my install USB, but it does the same So I don't know what I can do, should I really i re-install macOS ? Yeah I think I will completly erase the SSD and do everything from the start. It doesn't really bother me erasing it, I still have my 1TB HDD with a working copy of High Sierra 10.13.4, so I can get all my files back from there
  9. I believe the iX platform does change a lot of things, really don't know honeslty, the only iX hackintosh I had was a Acer Aspire V3 with a i3 and Optimus GeForce 710M and HD 3000 (It was such a hassle, I got Mavericks and Yosemite working, with only the HD3000, but I believe it's impossible to get Optimus GeForce working on OSX) Awesome ! But I don't know if It's because of my specific HD5450 (Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3 Passive, to be exact), maybe I've done something wrong (even tho I really don't see what, I used the correct DSDT (that came from the El Capitan guide, I didn't really bothered changing the Clover files since it was working well), and installed the kext that @ricoc90 posted here with Kext Wizard) but for me, it didn't worked well :/ Maybe you can tell me if there's something wrong with my Clover folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ROe7h77D7EnQmZqX6wCNEYNpa5Syz-N
  10. I saw a video where the guy had the same problem with a 745 and a SanDisk SSD (for the french: here's the video where he explains why it does that), but it was the same problem as me, he didn't had it with the Intel SSD tho, so I guess few SSD are capricious with the Optiplexs. And, the graphics glitches and everything was pretty irritating, so I backed up all my files and made a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6, it's already working waaaaaay better, I suggest to everybody who have a HD5450 to stay on Sierra.
  11. PandaStirling

    HELP Needed to install hackintosh on my PC

    Hi ! You can probably go up to El Capitan (with your actual CPU) if you change your graphics card. I'd suggest a GT 710, it would work with the NVIDIA Web Driver, you can find a GT710 for 50$ on eBay If you want to continue with Mountain Lion until buying the card (If you choose to follow my advice ), follow this Good luck
  12. So I did put the SSD on my Optiplex, it's not always detected (you can be sure that after a restart, it will not be detected, so I'll have to restart again again and again to finally find the time it will be detected But other than that (because I will mostly leave it always on), it REALLY does speed up the system, it doesn't hang as much as it have done before (especially when a crashing app was crashing the whole system, it will actually close when I force it in the "Force quit" menu), so I'll leave it on here for now
  13. I've read about the fix, but I don't remember what it was x) It hasn't happened since, but the red screen instead of the animation on YouTube is always there x) And It's formatted as HFS+, I have a SSD in my MBP, which I originally wanted to use on my Optiplex but It doesn't work well with the BIOS (will be detected 1 times out of 10) I have a GT730 that I lent to a friend, but it's a full size graphics card, not low profile, so It won't work on the SFF, even if I let the cover off (which I do because with the passive HD5450, and the small heatsink for the CPU, it run way to hot), it's too "tall" to fit inside And yeah the Q8200 would be cheaper, but I don't want to go with too low frequency (even tho a 2.33GHz Quad Core might be faster than a 3GHz Dual Core) I've found a Q8400S for 20€ on Aliexpress (I don't know if the SFF 780 accepts 95W CPU, I don't want to put to much strength on that little PSU) Honeslty, I will either upgrade the 780, or wait, and save money to buy a Mini Tower Optiplex with i5 CPU, I think it will be the second option x)
  14. PandaStirling

    Show your computer running OS X

    It was 5 am in a looong night of insomnia, don't worry I clean it every morning. But two friends living together in a small room with a lot of mates passing by, dirt arrives very quickly
  15. Ok so... Guess who's now running High Sierra And HDMI Audio worked OOB after installing your kext ! Thanks a lot man, you're my savior ! Now I'm saving all my files, format my El Capitan partition, and copy the High Sierra installation on it ! EDIT: So, I'm half happy, yeah i have the most recent macOS version, but it's slow from time to time (more than it was on El Capitan) and I have few graphics glitches there and there (red color instead of the background on the login, it happened once, and when going to fullscreen on YouTube (it stay red about half a second instead of the animation, so it's not important, but it's ugly) I'll see if it's just minor issue that I can just ignore, or if it's really annoy me too much, I'll restore my El Capitan CCC Backup (which is on a external HDD) But I know it's also that my specs are pretty weak for HS, I'll see later to buy a Core 2 Quad 8400 (cheapest Core 2 Quad I founded that have SSE4.1, necessary for Sierra and more), 2 more GB of RAM, a GT 1030 or just a better GPU than the HD5450, that would work natively on High Sierra, and maybe a new HDD (I just can't put a SSD in there, I don't like having external storage, and I have about 740GB of data in my HDD, buying a big enough SSD would be really too expensive)