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  1. Black screen after upgrade

    i found the solution. booted with nv web driver disabled and reran the agdpfix 1.3 and rebootet.. works like a charm again.
  2. Hi I hope om in the right subforum here. Yesterday i accedently upgrade my hackingtosch to latest sierra version. After reboot it had switched back to the osx display driver, which looks awfull. I vent to the nvidia driver settings and updated the driver and changed the display driver to the nvidia web driver. After reboot just where the login screen used to appear the screen goes black. I can remember when i installed it i ran some kind of nvidia / graphics hack / fix, but i cant remember exactly how i did it. i this a common problem with black screen after upgrade, and is there a fix for this ? Hardware is core i7 7700, asus z270p Let me know if you need any further information to help out. Any help is much apriciated :-) Have a great weekend everyone :-)
  3. I figured out how to disable SIP at boot time editing the config.plist, ran the fix and rebooted now it works like a charm.. thx a lot for helping out
  4. I can't run it because it says SIP is angled.. I then booted in the recovery mode disabled SIP with csrutil disable en booted back into Sierra and tried again, but it still says SIP is enabled. Is there a clever way to disable it at boot time ?
  5. i ran the Agdpfix before replacing your clover folder, so it is allready runned.
  6. Hi MaLd0n I tried your trick but now after verbose output from boot when it used to switch to the apple logo the screen now goes blank I did allready have the webdriver installed.. but before i wrote the above post i ran this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/424-agdpfix/ Any clues ? and thx a million for helping out i have seens alot of threads allready on this topic and i can see you have helped alot of people, thats really nice to see :-)
  7. yay got my new hackingtosch working with intel kaby lake i7700 and Asus z270 and Samsung evo960 disk etc etc drivers are loaded, grahic card displays correct name but I can only choose 120x1024 resolution and everything looks weirds and sluggish tried enabling web drivers in clover options same result, enable and disable nv_disable still no luck,, using latest Nvidia web drivers for Sierra 10.12.4 also fixed the nvram issue with the efi extension in clover btw its a gtx970 card worked fine on the other hackingtoshc with 10.11 have attached EFI partition contents as zip file and some screenshots hope anyone can help out. thx for a great community btw :-) Regards, Tonny EFI.zip