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  1. Ok, My Touchpad reeeeeeeallly behaves very strange, really unusable ! Can I kill that process somehow ? I already did a sudo killall -9 FFScrollDaemon and I deleted the FFscroll app. But that did not help. Any ideas ? Another errormessage I get is : System Extension cannot be used: The System extension /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleACPIThermal.kext was installed improperly...... Any ideas ? Sleep works however on my XPS 1530 Thanks for the help, I appreciate that. Micman
  2. Hi I'm about to try it, but as I am a total noob in OS X (yet) I will need to know what and where to look to either uninstall it , or if my system crashes how to get back to a previous working state (kind like system restore on Windows) (Does that even exist on MAC ?) Thanks and great stuff !!! Cheers Micman
  3. @Macgirl Still having problems with the sound. Somehow if I reboot the sound doesn't work anymore. Though, yesterday it was working, I didn't install anything or so. Any ideas ? Thanks Micman
  4. @Macgirl One last thing that's not working: The Shutdown restart action. Once I do a restart, or shutdown, there are some lines scrolling on the screen, the screen turns black, but that's it. I Have Netkas 9.2.0 running. Anything you can do for me to get that working ? Thanks Micman BTW, anyone wants a Intel N card for an XPS 1530 ? I'll sell it for a good price ;-)
  5. @Macgirl I don't have an Applezilla.kext. I installed both, the AppleHDA.kext and the other one , downloaded from your first post on the first page. The screen you showed is the same as I have, however no sound. Any other ideas ? Network is working now, I found a patch in the meantime. Thanks for the Help, I appreciate that. Cheers Micman EDIT: It's working now, don't ask me why, did an Update of Itunes and the the other Software and now it works, strange.
  6. Hi, I have 2 questions: 1. I've installed this the applehda.kext to get the sound working, however nothing happens. In the Sound pane I can see that there is now an Microphone and Speakers, but there is no sound. Anyone know what to do ? 2. In Finder, I cannot Connect to my other PC's ! Once I hit Connect as.... nothing happens, I cannot enter another UserId or Password, however I can see my other PC's. I get Connection Failed. And I have Leo4All V2 installed. Anyone have an idea ? Thanks for the help. Micman
  7. Micman

    Asus WL-167G Usb Dongle

    I just can't get it to work. I install and it shows up as en0. ¨So totally useless as I can not even choose my SSID from my Router. Anyone have an idea ? I use iAtkos R2 Thanks in advance. Micman
  8. @Macgirl I just can't seem to get it to work. I installed the drivers you said for the Asus WLAN, and it says I should configure after a restart. However in System Preferences - Network, it seems that he uses the Ethernet connection , although it should be Wireless. Meaning I can not choose my Wireless Router. So no connection. However the Ethernet connection is green. In System Profiler , the BSD is also en0. Any ideas ? Thanks a lot , really appreciate your help. Cheers Micman
  9. @Macgirl The Chipset of the asus wl-167g is ralink 2571w Let me know before I start switching my WLAN Cards inside ;-) Thanks Macgirl for your help Micman P.S. Which Version do you suggest ? Leo, Iatkos or Kalway ?
  10. i have asus wireless usb stick WL-167G. it sees everything in the system profiler but i can' get it to work. is there somwhere an add hardware button or so ;-) thanks for the help, i appreciate that Micman
  11. Hi Macgirl, do you know if a INTEL PRO/WIRELESS 2100 (802.11B) MINI P works ? I have an old one lying around here somewhere. Can also someone please tell me how I get the wired ethernet to work ? i have a XPS 1530 and iatkos R2 installed Let me know. Thanks in advance Micman
  12. Hi all, First post, first stupid question ;-) I am a total noob at OS X. Anyway I managed to install Iatkos R2 on my XPS M1530. However I do not manage to get my wireless nor my ethernet working. I do have a Intel® Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini-PCI Card. As i've read through the 37 pages now here , it should be possible to get it work. Can anyone help me ? BTW, if you need anything from DELL. I work there ;-) Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers Micman I