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  1. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    hey can any one help me i have a dell dimension 3100 with sigmatel 9200 sound card in the system preferences i have HD Audio but no sound i have tried AppleHDApatcher loads of versions and every time i put the code in i get the reboot screen straight away can anyone help me thanks
  2. hey, im am really new to this and i wondered if any of you guys could help i have installed 10.4.8 but i need to upgrade to 10.4.9 or 10.4.10 i have read some guides but when it tells you to types commands in termial after the install i get permisson is denied and it will not let me type my password please could some one help me or reccomend a guide to me thanks in advance p.s sorry about bad spelling
  3. hi ,can any one help me i would like to update to 10.4.9 or latter im am currently on 10.4.8 but each time i follow one guide my computer still ends up with endless reboots could anyone help me or tell me a working guide please