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  1. CherenkovSM

    Help to disable NVidia Optimus

    Thank you so much!!! I saw that you changed HDEF section and I just changed layout id by 99 (0x63) and my ALC269 fully works now. Thank you
  2. CherenkovSM

    Help to disable NVidia Optimus

    Thank you so much for your quick help! I'm so grateful to you It's work!!! But microphone does not work now Maybe you have any advice? Anyway, if changes ID's will don't help me it, not a problem (I used AppleALC, id 99 worked for me). I can live without microphone Thank you! Have a nice day.
  3. CherenkovSM

    Help to disable NVidia Optimus

    Hello guys! Can you help me, please? I can't disable my NVidia Optimus MacOS running but I still see NVidia in system info. Check to my files, please. I add to my SSDT file OFF()-method – but it doesn't help me. And I don't find this method in any files. Thank you so much! Dell Vostro 3750 i3 2310 8Gb GF 525M First I wrote here, but I did not get help. Thank you. Archive.zip
  4. CherenkovSM

    SSDT fix error

    Thank you so much for quick response! Yes, I use the old version. I updated it Maybe can you help me with another issue. My Hackintosh is very warming, how can I find the solution? Thank you. Dell Vostro 3750 i3 2310 | 8 Gb | HD3000 | NVidia GF 525M
  5. CherenkovSM

    SSDT fix error

    I replaced this line of code Name (_IRC, 0x00) // _IRC: Inrush Current by this Method (_IRC, 0, NotSerialized) { Return(0x00) } And my error goes off. Is it ok?
  6. CherenkovSM

    SSDT fix error

    Hi there, Help me to fix error in SSDT file, please. Thank you! invalid object type for reserved name (found ZERO, requires) SSDT-1-NvOptTbl.dsl