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  1. I don't think that this is a iographicsfamily kext problem. I have ATI Radeon HD 5670 Device ID 0x68D8, all updates worked OOB for me, including 10.10.5 Which vga driver do you use?
  2. Iphoto is now alive and kicking in 10.10. GM3! version 9.5.1 from app store works great. I guess it will last till new Photo app comes out in 2015.
  3. Smooth and fast update to GM 3.0, looks like a minor one. No significant visual changes, no performance changes. I've noticed, in My Mac - Overview section, I don't have detailed version number, just says Version 10.10. - no (14A388a) part... But it's been like that from the first beta i installed, so I guess it's nothing to worry about.
  4. Working fine here, updated with no hassle, no reinstall needed. Also tried two newer vgas: ati Hd5850 vapor-x and nvidia gtx 760. Both worked OOB. Hitting 73 points in cinebench with 5850 and 65 with gtx760. Thought gtx would done better...
  5. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    They didnt pull Aperture support yet, still works on DP8. Iphoto however is killed from the beginnig in Yosemite. Downloading GM 1.0 now.
  6. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    As I can see, people mostly recommend nvidia cards for hackintosh builds. Also I've made some hackintosh builds with nvidia GPUs. I know they are not bug free, but most of the have less hassle to deal with, and multidisplay working OOB.
  7. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Almoust all Ati cards had some issues at first. I had 2600, 3850 and now 5670, had some dual display issues with all of them. I think I will wait a bit more. Final DP is set for September 29., and GM is set for October 10. Maybe they bring better drivers for new R9 and R7 radeon cards. Fully working card and HDMI+ DVI support is a must for me. If it doesnt get better, I'll buy nvidia after more then 10 years
  8. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Grrr, I was hoping it will get settled by now... Dont like to look in the other way (nvidia), but I guess I will have to, really need an upgrade and a fully working card without too much hassle.
  9. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Hi guys. Is there any new info on r7 and r9 cards? Do they worko OOB now in new DP? OSX86 wiki has only one 260x listed, working with injecting ID, but no multiple monitors tested. I have a fully working ati hd 5770 card in yosemite newest DP, but I'm looking to upgrade my VGA with r7 or r9 card. I need fully working card (with dual display working), so please post if you have any new info Thanks
  10. I installed Lion on my new rig,, I have QE/CI, but I cant seem to get dual monitor (LCD + TV) working. I didn't use any extra kexts for VGA, just the one that comes with Lion, and i put GraphicsEnabler=Yes in boot.plist. Lion recognizes both the monitor and the tv, but on the tv I get only black screen, wether I use second DVI or HDMI output. I'm not sure how to get the picture on tv? I tried adding my device id in radeon5000controller kext, it didn't help. Here's a picture Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is my configuration: Intel core i5 2500K Asrock P67 SE Pro 3 Radeon HD 5670 2x4Gb ddr3 G.Skill
  11. iAtkos L1 is Out

    This distro is amazing! I installed it yesterday on my friends computer in an hour of time. First I got pci configuration begin error when booting dvd (fixed it with boot flags -v -f npci=0x2000), then in worked fine. Friend has a Gigabyte mobo (dont know the exact model, just tried it for fun didn't expect anything), i5 2600 CPU, gt240 and 4 gb of ddr3 ram. All went great, even VGA was recognized and fully working only with graphics enabler. I only had to add kext for sound and LAN, and now everything works great Fantastic job Uphuck team, as usual Thank you very much
  12. Any USB Apple keyboard / mouse...

    Nice work, will try it out when i get home. Can this work for a PS/2 keyboard
  13. I think this is the main reason for Apple not to sell OSX separately for non Apple PC's. There isnt a big market for it, and Apple is doing great now, market share is rising, stock value is good etc. It would cost a lot to make OSX more compatible for PC components, and to have support for them, and if 50 000 people would switch to OSX, that isnt good enough to make changes. Just like people already said: Apple is a hardware company. OSX software is excellent, but it's there just to sell the hardware (Mac). To answer the title question - Apple is selling OSX for PC, just not for all of the PC components and manufacturers. But I disagree on Apple won't ever do this part. Apple is known for doing drastic changes more then few times in history. If market situation turns worse for Apple, they will be forced to do some changes, maybe even open OSX to a wider set of PC components. IMO it's highly unlikely, but it is possible. Microsoft also doesnt officially support all of the PC hardware. They have a Certified for Windows program with WHQL.
  14. I have a Gigabyte 790X UD4P MBO with ALC 889a. I've installed OS-X from previous 10.5.5 Time Machine backup (from previous configuration - I had a MBO with ALC850 sound wich I deleted from Extensions folder).
  15. I have the same problem with ALC 889a. I've tried every option that I've found here, but no I think I'm gonna give up now. I've tried this: 1) ALCinject + 889a kext - NO GO 2) Several modified AppleHDA kextr + HDA enabler - some of them give me sound, but the sound is very bad - it is being interrupted every second or two, has a lot of noise... 3) Manual patching (I followed few guide I've found here) HDA kext with 889a codec dump for my sound chip (I got it with live ubuntu CD) - NO GO 4) Taruga's HDA patcher + 889a codec dump - gives me sound, but the sound is verybad, same as 2) 5) I've tried many patched kexts and guides here but it didnt help. Is there any hope for my sound card? I don't know what else to try