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  1. Software Update has just offered me the Security Update 2008-005 1.0 at 65.1Mb. I'm running Kalyway install with 10.5.4 vanilla on a C2D. Has anyone let this update install itself yet and is all OK?
  2. Feek

    10.5.4 is released !

    Aye, I just did the same, all working. 10.5.2 Kalyway, manual 10.5.3 install and it just patched itself quite happily, all working. I'm running vanilla kernel on a C2D CPU
  3. Feek

    10.5.4 is released !

    What, just a straight software update, no tweaking, no nothing and it all works? On a hackintosh or real Mac?
  4. Feek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    This worked perfectly, thank you
  5. Feek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    This is exactly where I'm at as well, I copied back those .kext files (didn't need to reinstall audio drivers), repaired the permissions, then I reinstalled using NVInstallerV.41.pkg and I've got software CI and no QE. My video card is only showing as 256Mb when it's a 640Mb 8800GTS. It was detected and working correctly on 10.5.2 Any suggestions as to what to try please?
  6. Feek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    OK, answering myself here, but asking another question. I see two updates on the Apple site. 420Mb worth of "Update" here 536Mb of "Combo Update" here Which is the preferred one to download? Thanks.
  7. Feek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    Hmmmmm, is the actual update itself obtained through Software Update? I have backups, what's the worst that can happen
  8. Feek

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    I'm a little cautious about doing this, my procedure for 10.5.2 was to use the KalywayUpdCombo10.5.2.pkg and then after than install the kalyway_10.5.2_kernels.mpkg package. Is it likely that these two will be produced for the new 10.5.3 update?
  9. As you can see from my signature, I'm running an overclocked E6600 CPU on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3. This board supports quad core bugs so I'm thinking about swapping the E6600 for a Q6600 which I will try and overclock to the same level. Now I know that Leopard is fully multicore aware but is it aware enough for me to notice a performance jag from upgrading chips? I'd be interested to know if anyone has done this and noticed any improvement or just general thoughts. Thanks
  10. Feek

    Leopard working on GA-965P-S3

    My procedure for installing on a 965P-DS3 was as follows... I set up a single partition, Mac OS Extended Journaled. Set the partition scheme to GUID Then I formatted. Booted Kalyway 10.5.1, all the way through to Customise and selected vanilla kernel, vanilla acpi fix, azalia out, boot efi guid and then install. Once it had done its stuff, I used the Kalyway combo update 10.5.2 disk and ran the update. I ran a repair permissions on the disk, rebooted and then installed the kalyway_10.5.2_kernels.mpkg package, choosing vanilla kernel. After that, I ran system update which went through OK having selected all the options available to me. My sata hard drive is in a purple connector and my sata dvd drive is in a yellow connector. I've since installed all updates that I've been offered through Software Update. My only issue is that sometimes when I shut down, everything appears to close down but the fans are still running and I have to manually switch the PC off, and if I drop into sleep mode, it all goes off but then after a few seconds restarts and ends up with a black screen. It would be nice to be able to sleep the system but I can live with this. I've also undone the Kalyway customisations by running the "Restore_Factory_Desktop_settings" fix so I no longer have the nasty orange background in Finder.
  11. Feek

    About this Mac Graphics

    I'm using one of the ones from earlier in the thread, I think it looks nicely classy
  12. Feek

    Shortcuts not working (Spaces, Exposé, etc)

    Can you give a link to that please, I've got some shortcuts that appear to work after a reboot and then stop after a while.. Ta.
  13. Feek

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    A couple of posts up I said this worked for me - Well it worked the first time I tried to shut down after installing the script but it's not worked since. So I've carried on with the instructions, I've got the .c file mentioned and have downloaded and installed the xcode package including CHUD. But I really have no idea how to compile the onecore.c file. I just don't know what to do, I've not had to do anything like this before, can someone help me please? Thanks..
  14. Feek

    Shutdown/Poweroff Fix

    Absolutely perfect, it's working well for me, thanks for that link