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  1. Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN driver is available?

    This is driver fo 2200BG?
  2. 9600M GT

    I have notebook Acer Aspire 7730G and this video card, his work very good, but not working VGA out. Card containe HDMI, VGA and gibrid port (Acer port). Any have idea how make work VGA out? P.S. sorry my english
  3. Аналогичная проблема была с эти сборками причом на томже самом чипсете (ноутбук), поставил сборку xXx и всё заработало с полпинка за исключением вайфай, дрова на вайфай брал из пакета дров на торрентах валяется сам инсталлер для вайфай назывался ath5005.pkg
  4. I received next AppleEvent: { 1 } 'aevt': aevt/Simp (i386){ return id: 874709005 (0x3423000d) transaction id: 0 (0x0) interaction level: 64 (0x40) reply required: 1 (0x1) remote: 0 (0x0) for recording: 0 (0x0) reply port: 166915 (0x28c03) target: { 1 } 'psn ': 8 bytes { { 0x0, 0x695695 } (Script Editor) } fEventSourcePSN: { 0x0,0x695695 } (Script Editor) optional attributes: { 1 } 'reco': - 2 items { key 'subj' - { -1 } 'null': null descriptor key 'csig' - { 1 } 'magn': 4 bytes { 65536l (0x10000) } } event data: { 1 } 'aevt': - 1 items { key 'utxt' - { 1 } 'utxt': 14 bytes { "my data" } } } How i get "my data" text from this AppleEvent? thx advanced!
  5. How I send AppleEvent to application and to PID proccess?
  6. Genius какойто там Look прекрасно работает через webcam
  7. Hi all! I write plugin (context menu) for Mail.app and Safari. How i get selected text in Mail.app (from mail message) and Safari and then paste context menu? I'm use Carbon. thanks advanset. P.S.Sorry my English
  8. ATI Radeon X1200 integrated graphics

    card no have drivers
  9. ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 (128MB) HELP!

    No, i try namy drivers for this card, and nothing PS: sory my english
  10. ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 (128MB) HELP!

    This card is not supported
  11. "Graphics Mode" kernel flags, VESA3

    VESA3 dirver not supported wide screen monitor
  12. Ati Radeon x1270

    Now your graphics card is unsupported and not have drivers I am too find drivers this card, but i think easy develop
  13. Ok! Who have sources for ATIRadeon2000 driver??? I will be develop this driver on base ATIRadeon2000
  14. I change ATIRadeon2000.kext (add my card id) and system is startuping but window shows strange effects(window is transprents if window is moving)! I don't think thet only we have current porblem this x1250Moblity card! I offer this community (haves x1250 card) and discuss problem, posibly we find answers! P.S Sorry my english
  15. Send OpenGL in fire-box, I live without OpenGL. Can I change resolution on my Display with this Graphics card?If yes then how i can change resolution to 1280x800(i hate 1024x768)