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  1. which osx86 is the newest?

    if your cpu is AMD , i think iDeneb 10.5.6 is the best
  2. nForce LAN driver

    omg ,look for it so long i'll have a try
  3. No SATA DVD drive in iDeneb 10.5.6

    mine IDE cd/dvd drive also can't be detect.......
  4. assure that your BIOS works in AHCI mode
  5. ipc 10.5.6&iDeneb1.4 10.5.6 both are ok
  6. Mac OS X Leopard on Asus EeePC 1000HA

    the Device ID is unique we can get it from "cpuz"
  7. i have the same problem when i drive my sound maybe this fix can help ,u may have a try Install_HDA_Fix_v3.zip
  8. AMD Install Help?

    maybe u can try iDeneb 1.4 it's working fine on my nv board
  9. Which is the best version for me.

    the road to mac is hard we need try and try by ourself because of different configuration come on ..O(∩_∩)O~
  10. Which RPG For My mac

    Warcraft3 indeed O(∩_∩)O~
  11. i 'm so sorry to disturb u ,i come to this forum just want to learn about mac,so every topics i read,therefore i see your email in your disscussion with others i did not know about mac at all,i used mac system just a week. because of pool english, it's not easy to those who's mother language is not english to learn mac,it's so professional finally,thank u share those drivers although i can't download them
  12. i Can not extract all of these packages ,and all of those ALC268 driver can't work in my bookmy wireless device ID is 0x001c168cAudio deviceID is 0x026810ecwould u please send those drive to me z.haibin@yahoo.com.cnthank u
  13. oh,my god ,i meet both problems my ALC268 soundboard's DeviceID is 0x026810de (seen in vista (HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0268&SUBSYS_10250127&REV_1000) but in iDeneb 10.5.6 only can be read as 0x01271025 i dont konw why? so ,may i ask dose your sound driver capbale for 0x026810de??? thanks
  14. Atheros 5007EG works with iDeneb1.4 - mini howto.

    mine also AR5007EG, i don't know if anyone have solve this probem
  15. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    mine acer4520 can't work mine Realtek ALC268 @ nVIDIA MCP67/68 - High Definition Audio Controller it's DeviceID is 0x0268l0ec however when i add this number the sound doesn't work either