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  1. Hey all, I was having similar graphic artifacts when I upgraded to 10.7.3. I reverted all my graphics related kexts from 10.7.2 and the artifacts went away even you heavy GPU use, I can post em later. I'll do it now GFX_Fix
  2. Thanks sleep works now, however, I think the ssdt I have is under clocking my CPU. The one you made is for the quad core version of the i7 and I have the dual core 2620m. In windows it ranges from 2.7ghz to 3.4ghz depending on the load. Is there any way I can make my own ssdt or will the one I have work at the right frequency?
  3. Has anyone gotten sleep to work, every time I try to go to sleep the power light stays on and so does the CPU fan and then screen remains black, everything else works, am I missing a kext or something?
  4. Has anyone gotten sleep to work, or knows how to make it work? it would be nice to have to restart all the time.
  5. Ok so after reinstalling the mac and applying the sleepenabler.kext I got the same kernel error and not bootable dell xps so that kext is not the solution.
  6. probably a coincidence but upon trying to restart after installing the kext I got a kernel error and then it would not boot. I didn't get a kernel error it just crashed after deleting the kext i got the same result. Reinstalling and trying again.
  7. yeah Im good with the intel card but i still wouldn't mind the nvidia working as well. Randomly when i turned it on after doing nothing different mac detected the built in bluetooth. Is bluetooth working for u and is it built into the wireless card cause i just ordered a dell mini card. and about sleep, im about to try sleepenabler.kext
  8. yeah i see horizontal line and they dance around a bit. I have the 2620m with an nvidia 540 video card. this display likes sick with the intel at native res btw. And sleep isn't working for me, when i try to put it to sleep the screen turns off and the computer remains on and it wont return from sleep. is there any type of sleep fix?
  9. I think the webcam works with anyisightcamera.kext, at least it works for me, and u guys probably already no this but i only get artifacts after the display goes to sleep and comes back. But other than that my l502x is a beautiful macbook AnyiSightCam_UVC_driver_19_10_35_979.zip
  10. Dell XPS 15 (L502X)

    Wen, have u tried the applehda.kext and ioaudiofamily.kext from 10.6.0 yet?
  11. Dell XPS 15 (L502X)

    That is awesome wen, we are making progress