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  1. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Also confirming EVGA 8400 GS 512 MB DDR2 version works perfectly out of box as well without any additional modifications or drivers.
  2. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Just confirming full out of the box acceleration with an HIS Reference 6870, driving two 1080p monitors. Smooth as butter. I presume all reference 6870s will work OOB, not sure about non-reference variants though.
  3. Thanks so much tseung for the guide and the scripts, and to peterhaas for sending me his DSDT and giving me pointers. You guys just saved my life and hours of work trying to get Lion working on my own. Seeing hardware accelerated graphics during an install is a first for me! If anyone is curious, these are my specs: Asrock P55 Pro Mobo Core i5 750 Crucial C300 64GB SSD HIS ATI Radeon 6870 Yup, that's all you need besides the install folder on your desktop. If you have a DSDT, put it in the install/Extra folder. Then, in terminal, type cd Desktop and the code from the tutorial.
  4. Still no news on the Asrock P55 Pro? I'm happy to test if anyone is willing to help me out!
  5. Check the P55 thread in this forum. You should definitely consider a 1156 Core i5 or Core i7 setup.
  6. Hi guys, I've been using trial and error to get my sleep issue fixed (I'm using the Asrock P55 Pro). The system used to just reboot when waking from sleep, but finally, I've gotten to a point where I believe the system has properly resumed from sleep. The only problem is that the video card doesn't seem to work - my monitor stays blank. In the BIOS, I've enabled 'repost video to STR', but really, I've no clue what the problem could be. Any ideas? EDIT: I'm using a HIS manufactured ATI Radeon HD4890, which works normally quite well with netkas' exotic kext under 10.6.2.
  7. Has anyone had success with an ASUS board? I'm still pretty much stuck with my Asrock one (mainly I just need Sleep and Audio, I don't really mind not having speedstep working) and since Asrock is an ASUS subsidiary, I'm hoping/assuming there's some similarity with their P55 boards.
  8. Strange new observation, I just realized that my Time Machine does NOT automatically back up at every hour anymore. It still works great, and I can restore files, but all my backups have to be manual.
  9. I have the exact same problem. It goes to sleep just fine, but upon waking, the system reboots.
  10. Thanks for the tip, rekursor! That worked and I got the info back.
  11. I was trying some new files, and suddenly, today now under About This Mac, it no longer specifies my RAM speed. In System Profiler, there's no info and the speed is 0MHz. I went back to all my original files but it still says this. Any idea why?
  12. Okay, I've tried just about everything and I can't get my DSDT file to work beyond the basic initial two hacks. I haven't attempted the USB UHCI/EHCI (steps 3-4) because for my motherboard, everything is completely different. I get step 5 to compile correctly for PIC and TMR, but when I try to change HPET, it fails to compile. Adding Sbus also fails to compile. As for the Speedstep for i5, it compiles correctly but upon loading, it freezes and leaves me a screen saying 4 threads expected, but 5 found. I've tried editing this to make it work for my board (for instance, my board lists the processor as CPU1 - CPU8, not CPU0 - CPU7 but I get the same error on startup). It's driving me nuts! Can anyone help? Here's my DSDT file so far. Thanks so much. Asrock_P55_Pro.aml.zip
  13. Haha yeah, I'm going to try to ask the folks at the Boylston to let me check out one of them for 'testing' purposes. If not, I'll try to get of my friends in Chicago to try the North Mich. Ave store.
  14. Just got back from both the Boylston and the Camridgeside Apple Stores... neither have the core i5 or i7 as floor models. ;(
  15. Hi rekursor, I'm heading out in about ten minutes and I'll make a stop at my local Apple Store on the way. I'll get back to you guys with the info.txt as soon as I can. Cheers!