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  1. Restarts on a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P

    Awesome - ill give it a try - did you have to use any special flags or just boot and go?
  2. Having some issues getting OSX running on a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P mobo - I was able to get everything installed, but on reboot Chameleon comes up, I select my drive, then I get the grey apple logo for about 2 seconds then the comp restarts - can't get past that - any ideas? Running iDeneb v1.6 willing to try another distro/version Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P Mobo Phenom II X4 955 2gig ram Radeon HD 4800 Currently using a SATA drive, can use IDE if it will help... Any additional info needed just ask - TIA
  3. write ISO to HD...

    already tried, it only extracts the info from the top layer, nothing else =\
  4. write ISO to HD...

    *bump* Nobody knows? I have been searching all over the place and I finally got isobuster to read the entire disk but I can't extract it, it always says "can't read from source disk" but this is from EVERY iso I have downloaded pertaining to OSX - all my other ISO's extract just fine, any help, please?
  5. write ISO to HD...

    how can I extract ALL data from the iso's to my HD? I have used winimage/magiciso and a few others as well as mounted the image with alcohol 120% but when i try to copy all the files to my HD it only copies the basic files which comes out to like 129kb so obviously the main data part of the image is not getting extracted... what I am wanting to do is extract the ISO to my spare HD so I can use it to boot from instead of having to burn to DVD's, I keep getting bad burns and have ran out of DVD's - and for general testing it would be a lot more efficient to just run them off the HD instead... I have 2 blank IDE HD's that I would be using, one set as primary to install to, and second one to run the installer, I can select which HD has boot priority, so I can have the slave actually boot without it needing to be set as master... anywho i know this can be done, but for some reason all the ISO extractors I have tried are only getting the basic files on these images, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. stuck at language screen

    have you tried connecting an external keyboard/mouse?
  7. stuck at language screen

    On my system, it seems like it freezes, english is automatically selected so I hit the continue arrow, but the button does not depress or do anything, after waiting 5 or 10 minutes it magically goes to the next screen, so if you have not tried yet, try just waiting a good 5-10 minutes before giving up...
  8. I have been trying for a few days now to get osx10.5 installed, I obtained kalyway and leo4all and neither are working. When I am running kalyway, I startup with just -v and get localhost com.apple.launchd[1] (com.apple.SystemStarter): Failed to count the number of files in "/System/Library/StartupItems": No such file or directory unknown SIGSEGV code 0 at this point it just freezes and does nothing else. When I am using leo4all I get abunch of errors which leads me to believe my cd is bad so I won't waist your time with that junk... any idea on any of this? I can give more info on my system and all if needed, just let me know. Thanks for any help! oh also, is anyone else having trouble with the search function? Whenever I try to search I get this: Erreur Sphinx : expected searchd protocol version 1+, got version '0' Merci de contacter un Administrateur !