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  1. Autosleep-Script

    How do I install this please. Manual sleep works fine, but not autosleep. Tried double clicking the .app file, but no joy. Thanks for any advice. Roger
  2. This machine was built following Meansizzler's guide at: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=94561 It works exactly as he says and makes a great media & gaming machine Compact (Microatx), quiet & fast. Pop in for a demo if local (West Sussex) Antec NSK1380 / Inno3D 7600GT / 2.0GHZ C2D Alpine Cooler / 4GB RAM / Samsung Lightscribe DVDRW / 250 GB HD (Space for 3 3.5in Drives) / apple remote & IR dongle / Dual Boot £300 + delivery Happy to discus, please send PM for phone/email contact details
  3. Hi PCWiz, Just a bit of feedback. In the guide you wrote: IMPORTANT NOTE: Before starting anything, make sure that all your SATA devices, if any, are plugged into the yellow ICH9 ports and not the purple GSATA ports. The GSATA ports can be used, but nothing connected to them will boot with OSx86 (you can just use them for extra hard drives for storage). I have an HD cradle connected by ESATA to the purple ports (primarily for external back up) but I am able to boot up from this drive no problem. Thanks again for all the great stuff. Roger
  4. [Wanted UK] Hackintosh

    RU still looking? I built 2 only need one Rogersheridan@gmail.com
  5. Well I think I'm nearly there with a P35-DS4 + BDC-202 (htpc), 99% done 50% still to go as they say. (Bluray DVDr booted fine via yellow sata connection after fiddling with BIOS settings) First of all many thanks to PCWIZ & all the other developers who made this possible. Just the two questions (for now)! 1. With S1 sleep the fans keep running, with S3 sleep I can't wake the machine with mouse or keyboard. Is there any way to get full sleep with mouse wake up? 2. Can anyone tell me how to do advanced searches on this forum? Thanks for any response. Roger
  6. Thanks for that excellent advice Meansizzler. I am planning a similar machine but would ideally like to include firewire and/or esata unless that would compromise the simplicity or reliability of the setup. I have glazed over looking at Gigabyte & Asus websites and would be grateful for your advice on choice of micro atx mobo. Thanks, Roger