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  1. Dell VOSTRO 200 has the same problem.
  2. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    The problem is : You have a different graphic card.
  3. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    So far as I know,there's still no answer, maybe the only right thing we should do is to stop try again.
  4. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    Thanks, I'll try it ,and post my result.
  5. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    Any news? who can get 1280*800 on asus?
  6. GMA 3100 (desktop version!)

    I‘m still waiting for it。。。
  7. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    For a long time no one comes here, whether there is a progress to this work? I'm downloading the iATKOS_4i, and try this on my Asus A8Jr.
  8. Intel GMA 3100 QE/CI

    savvy,I'm not so lucky to get it work , it still remain 1024*768.
  9. Intel GMA 3100 QE/CI

    Thanks a lot, I'll try.
  10. Intel GMA 3100 QE/CI

    hi,savvy,I have the same graphics card on a dell veotro200, how can you get the 1280*1024? could you help me ? thanks !
  11. G33 GMA 3x00 onboard video - Does it work ?

    I use a Dell Vostro200,which got a G33 with GMA3100 video card and Intel82562v-2 Nic ,I can't get them work at all.
  12. Help! about the intel 82566 network

    My Nic is Intel82562V-2,ID is 10c08086,I can't get it work ,maybe,we have to wait for the 8256x driver
  13. Installing 10.5.2 on an Asus laptop

    hey,HeldDown ,I have the same problem with you . maybe we used the same laptop, mine's a Asus A8jr . And when I used the same kalyway10.5.2_DVD to install leopard on a Dell vostro200 desktop, it worked
  14. LAN Intel 82562

    hi,G_G,how can you get it work? my ID is 10c0-8086
  15. [HowTo] Fix Network Problem with Intel PRO/100 VE

    Mine is a Intel®82562V-2 NIC on the Dell Vostro200,product ID is "10C0-8086",I do as all the method said ,but it still can't work , can anybody help me ?