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  1. OSX on HP Pavilion Elite

    Alright well I just bought a USB wifi card that works great in leopard so I'm good to go.I was gonna ask, where did you get your icons from? Also, do you think you would post your TIFF file for the hackintosh logo? Cuz it's pretty rad.Thanks!-Bryce
  2. OSX on HP Pavilion Elite

    Alright, first off I would just like to thank you deeply for your helpful forum. After like 8 failed attempts using the new iDeneb v1.3 I read through your helpful post and VOILA! It works like a charm. I just got done playing quake 4 on my new mac pro with my 8500gt card working beautifully. However I still have two issues, one being kindve huge to me. The wifi, I have used the driver the provided and it didnt work in 10.5.5 which is what iDeneb installs into. I've even tried a few other custom ralink installs and still nothing. Is there something I'm missing? Is there something I'm supposed to do to turn it on?Also, I have a TV tuner card with a nice remote and I was wondering if maybe there was a way to use it in OS X? Probably not, but it would hella sweet to be able to use my remote and maybe the TV tuner card for my cable so I can record shows. I have an m9252p so I'm sure the hardware is different then yours, but still thanks SOOOOOO much with what patches I should install, the modded BIOS (which I used) and the AHCI hint in the bios. On one last note, does sleep work on yours? I only installed the vanilla kernel but sleep doesnt work really on my system.Thanks!-Bryce