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  1. Well I just figured that I should use extenders with panel mounts and just attach that to the aluminium sheet. Would this still create cross-talk? I'm thinking it would, just a little less EMI because of the sealed connectors.
  2. My hackintosh in Power Mac G5 Enclosure

    Hey thanks for getting back to me, I heard a conflicting statement saying an M3 screw was used that has a thread pitch of .5. I also heard M3.5x.6. I tried putting a 6-32 in the standoff and it would lock the thread, but the diameter of the screw is too small for the hole. Which is cool because I was looking at this Wikipedia page and I found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_case_screws it describes how one will fit in the other. I'll try an M3 later and report back! Thanks again for the info! -John
  3. I'm in the same boat as you! Looking for a nice Hackintosh, one that looks like a PowerMac/Mac Pro. About the I/O in the back I was going to do the same thing, in fact I have the breadboard that I was going to use right next to me. Dimensions for a replacement I/O board need to be about 8 Inches (20.32 CM) tall and 2 Inches (5.08 CM) - 6 Inches (15.24 CM) wide. 6 Inches if the user would like to use more standoffs to mount the I/O board. I took a look at "Pad2Pad" for making the PCB board, needless to say I decided against that. However, I think that I'm going to try and make an I/O panel using an aluminium sheet that's bent at a 90 degree angle, this way I can configure the depth of the connectors easier. What I'm working on now is mounting the motherboard. I'll be using a secondary plate to mount to the original motherboard standoffs. If anyone knows what size screw I need in order to utilize the original standoffs, please share! I then will use "Coupler nuts" to separate the aluminium sheet and the motherboard. Great post and great idea! This kit will make modding so much easier/nicer! -John
  4. My hackintosh in Power Mac G5 Enclosure

    Quick question, does anyone happen to know what size those screws are that attach the motherboard to the standoffs? I too am making a secondary board so that I don't have to move the original standoffs.
  5. Yea I have this problem too, I was able to boot into the installation before but I'm not sure what triggered this error. Just the spinning beach ball now...
  6. If we use the retail install that was just released to the public by apple will we be able to update to the newest version. The reason for my question is that the final release seems to be a lower build number than the GM. However if the setup detects an internet connection it will update, so hmm I wonder if we can update through the software updater...
  7. Definitely! Sounds like a useful thing to spend my summertime doing. And yea we should just be able to locate where the App store is saving the file.
  8. I hope we can mount the .DMG provided for Mac OS X Lion! Not sure how it will play out. Also I'm thinking of buying this 40$ G5 case and doing what many have done, which is fit the motherboard inside.
  9. Yep! It was Kextutility And yes I only have the kext in extra now, working perfectly!!
  10. Well now I may fully thank you, because that seemed to do the trick! Once again thanks! And on another note the Evga 9500 GT 1024 MB Graphics card will work flawlessly! -John
  11. Great guide! Everything is working except for audio. Still no output devices, but in system report it's labeled as Audio ID: 885. Would I run the same terminal commands in the Readme? I'll continue to test. Thanks for your hard work! John