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  1. [for sale] G5 atx modded case in Los Angeles

    Have you sold this yet?
  2. Vista Printer Sharing

    Hi, I used to have a printer shared on my XP machine which i just upgraded to vista. I want to keep sharing this printer and have enabled all the options to share the printer and can access it just fine under Windows Xp/Vista on another machine but OS X won't see it when i go to printer setup utilities and through the workgroup to the shared computer. Any ideas? THanks, Peter
  3. Sound Doesn't Work in 10.4.8

    Where would I find that kext? I can't seem to find it on my install disc in the Essentials.pkg. Is it somewhere else? Thanks, Peter
  4. Hi, I just installed 10.4.8 and my sound doesn't work. It says in About this Mac that there is no audio device installed. It is a on board sound card "Realtek ALC861 and it is AC97 2.3 Compatible" and its on an Asus P5GD1 mb with a 3.4 GHZ P4 w/ SSE3. I am guess that i need to copy some kext from my 10.4.6 install dvd but i am not sure which one i need! If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated! Otherwise it works 100%! Thanks, Peter
  5. How to Get Old Kexts?

    Hi, I need to get some old kexts off the 10.4.6 DVD to try and get my network card working. I need to get the IONetworkingFamily.kext to try to get my DFE-530TX working... it worked in 10.4.6 and I just upgraded to 10.4.8 and now its no good. I have the old disc but don't know how to open Extensions.mkext off of the dvd. Thanks, Peter
  6. "B0 Error"

    Thanks Guys. It worked. I am using it to right this message right now! Now I just need to get an MSI RX1600 video card and then I will have QE/CI and no tearing. Right now I have resolutions but that disabled QE/CI which gets rid of tearing so I am not going to fix it.
  7. "B0 Error"

    Thanks for the reply JaS. You mean a lot to this community! I will give this try later today!
  8. "B0 Error"

    Hi. I am getting a "B0 Error" at boot up. However this only occurs when I do not have the 10.4.6 JAS Install DVD in the drive. The DVD drive is the primary boot on my BIOS so it starts up and says "Press any key to install x86..." then I don't press a key and it boots. However as soon as the DVD is gone it doesn't boot just "b0 error". The install is on a... P4 Prescott 540 (I think that's its number) 3.4ghz Asus P5GD1 1GB ram X600Pro video Card 80GB Sata HardDrive Can you please advise? Thanks, Peter
  9. Hi, I currently have an ATI X600 Pro and it has tearing etc and I want to get a graphics card that will work perfectly with patching etc. I see that the X1600 series seems to work well. Does any model/Brand have anything work better than others? Thanks, Peter
  10. Overall Performance

    *bump* is there anything?
  11. Overall Performance

    Hey Guys, I started playing around with OSx86 right at the beginning. I left it for a while and then played with it again (around the 10.4.3 release). To my discovery, I realized why I left it, key features and performance were not right. I then went and bought a PowerBook G4 (Apple does in fact make money off this). And now I am back again browsing the forums! I have a PC: Asus P5GD1 Prescott P4 3.4ghz 1gb ram X1600 video card Built in Sound (that worked in all the released) I just want to know if performance would be as good as my PB G4 (1.4ghz) and if I would be able to run QE/GL on my X1600 with a resolution of 1280x1024. I am also wondering how the whole general practical use would be before I rededicate hours of tinkering around to get it working right. Peter
  12. Hi, I am having mouse artifacts and downloaded mousepose. I also have a blurry/disappearing mouse curser when it is run over the dock (when magnification is on). I was also wondering how do I remove the JAS patches from the .iso? Thanks, Peter
  13. Hi, I have just installed 10.4.3 with the Jas 4.2. 1. When mouse is moving over dock, the mouse disappears until the mouse has stopped moving. Does anyone know what's wrong? 2. How do I remove most of the patches from the image? I see the patch folder in the drive however I don't know which ones to use... My Specs.. CPU: P4 (Socket 775) Prescott 3.40GHZ MB: ASUS p5gd1 Video: Ati X600 Pro
  14. Hi... Where do I download the wesley patch (win2osx is down) Peter
  15. Original Kernals??

    Hi, I just got the 10.4.3 and the Jas Patch. I have basically everything required and was wondering where to get the files and how to "Un-Patch" OSX86? I am not too good at Mac yet so a nice detailed guide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Peter