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  1. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Ok, I fixed it. I booted from the Vista DVD and did a recovery from a system restore point. Fixed! Hooray! Very scary lesson in reading directions!
  2. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    So, I screwed up here and I feel really stupid. I purchased the Apple Wireless Keyboard and have been trying to find ways of getting all it's keys to function in Vista. I installed this utility after being frustrated by every other option I tried. I didn't scan the part where it says not to install on Vista 64 and did so anyway in my haste. I rebooted the machine and now no input works at all, keyboard mouse, nothing. I booted into safe mode and nothing works there as well. I'm feeling pretty dumb and I'm wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on how to get back in so I can uninstall this. Thanks in advance for any help!