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  1. Retail DVD installation

    Why don't you just Boot into the Install CD and go to Disk Utility and Make an image of your current OS install so that you can restore it if it does not work.
  2. Gaming System

    Thanks a log guys so this 9800GTX+ should work pretty good with out any problems? This is the card I was hoping to get. Any suggestions on a board for Core 2 Duo that will work out of the box with Retail OS X? Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Hey, I am wanting to build a gaming system that will run Retail Mac OSX with retail mac updates. I am wanting the best video card I can get working with it I play a lot of video cards and my Mac Book Pro just is not giving me the frame rates that I need. Was kind of looking for a Core 2 Duo or Quad Core based system. I was hoping someone here has built a performance based system with retail install and can shed some light on the situation.
  4. OSX on IntelP4/AsusP4C800-Edlx

    I belaive this problem is because you need to format your hard drive this is how I Did mine. 1. On your CD Go up to Utillitys 2. open up your Disk Utillity 3. Click on your Harddrive (or target drive/partition) in the left window 4. Then look right and click on the Partition Tab 5. Then choose Volume Scheme: 1 Partition (change if you know what your doing) 6. Then fill in the Name with: Macintosh HD 7. Leave default format, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 8. Click Options: GUID Partition Table, click OK or "use MBR Partition Table" 9. Click Apply
  5. OK Guys here is what I did to get this to work on my System. My system would not run with the vanilla kernel or any other kernel that has sse3 support it only works with SEE2 so if you fallow my guide it shoould work for you if you have this model of laptop or this type of processor. I will go ahead and let you know the wireless does not work and a driver is currently being made for it if you search the forums here you will find more information on that. Here are my specs: Product Name: Satellite M105-S3064 Notebook Processor: Intel Core Duo T2300E 1.60GHz Hard Drive: 120GB Serial ATA 5400 rpm Wireless Network: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG 54Mbps Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g Integrated Ether Network: Intel PRO/1000 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3ab Optical Drive: DVD-Writer (Double-layer) - DVD-RAM/R/RW (Integrated) Processor Technology: Enhanced SpeedStep Technology Standard Memory : 2GB DDR2 SDRAM667MHz Graphics Controller: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 128MB Shared Chipset: Intel 945GM Express Boot the Kalyway 10.5.1 cd pressed F8 and then type -v this will show you What everything is doing while it boots so you can look at errors if it crashes Once you are booted up to the OS install select your language Then you will see the welcome screen Click on "utilities" up top on the bar select Utilities and then Disk Utility I am doing this on my entire drive one OS only so I did the following 1. Click on your Harddrive (or target drive/partition) in the left window 2. Then look right and click on the Partition Tab 3. Then choose Volume Scheme: 1 Partition (change if you know what your doing) 4. Then fill in the Name with: Leopard 5. Leave default format, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 6. Click Options: MBR Partition Table, click OK 7. Click Apply It will erase your files now go up to the File Bar again and click Disk Utility and select "quit disk utility" now it's time for install Select "Continue" Then Agree Select a Destination and pick your "Leopard" partition then click continue now click Customize This are the options I had to select to get this to work for me Only these things: SSE2_System and then under boot loaders EFI Uncheck BOOT_efi_guid Check BOOT_efi_mbr Click Dpme Click install It will ask to check your "disk" which is your cd to make sure it's good. If you know it's good just click skip if you have already ran that once and you did not get any errors just skip it and let it install. Once it finishes click Finish or Restart button once it finally restarts take the cd out.
  6. Hey I am trying to Install KALYWAY LEO 10.5.1 intel SSE2 SSE3 dvd on my Toshiba M105-S3064 Laptop. I get it installed and then when I do my first boot it just start so scroll white text real fast that I can't read and then reboots. I have tried booting with -x and still same thing. Could someone please tell me how you went about installing yours? or point me to the guide you used for it? I have been reading everywhere and trying everyones way of doing it and having no luck.