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  1. RedDrag0n

    Two DVD Burners

    This may or may not work, but i am running this program to control both my DVD burners in my custom mac. Ardiem
  2. RedDrag0n

    G4 Powermac Quicksilver PSU question

    Yes it is, i am running a 450W power supply in my Quicksilver 2002. What you need to do is buy this adapter (if you are in the USA) or build one from scratch (like i did because i live in Canada). It works great but you have to follow the diagram very carefully if you do create your own. Sorry i read your post wrong, the answer is no, you can't use a G4 QS power supply on a PC due to the fact that is has 22 pins and it also has +25V on 2 of those wires. if you were to reverse that (a PC power supply in a G4), then that answer would be yes.
  3. RedDrag0n

    Installing a OSX 10.4

    ok, how i did this before was on the desktop, make it the TDM, and on the other machine with the dvd drive, boot from the cd. then from there, go through the initial install process, then when it comes time to format the drive, choose the firewire drive. then install on it and after everything is said and done, it should load up fine and continue the install process on it's own. i have personally done this on a sawtooth G4 and an imac G3
  4. RedDrag0n

    Installing a OSX 10.4

    this will answer your question... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1661 A Nonny Moose was right on the money.
  5. How does one apply this theme to their own machine? I love the work, but am a little stumped on how to apply both the SArtfile and the extras.
  6. RedDrag0n

    Upgrade CPU on a Power Mac G4

    Mactracker is a good program, but i was going by the info he or she gave. Since the only 450 MHz model that came out as a "single cpu" was the Sawtooth. Originally the Gigabit Ethernet came out with a dual 450 MHz even though it can handle a single 450 too.
  7. RedDrag0n

    Upgrade CPU on a Power Mac G4

    Well, by the sounds of it, you have what's known as a G4 Sawtooth. It should have an AGP slot for a video card, if not then it's a completely different machine. So i am going to go out on a limb here and think it has an AGP mac. As for memory, you can install 4 sticks of 512 MB PC-133 ram max. It will also take PC-100, but those are more expensive. As for the processor, i myself would buy one from eBay, but if you want the easy route, i would suggest OWC because they are new and they have a warranty. They also have a refurbished area too but at least they know they work. You can install anywhere from what you have to a single 2 GHz cpu. If your machine has the right instruction set (UNI-N 7), you can have a max of a dual 1.8 Ghz cpu in there. Also, this video here will show you how to take out the old cpu and put in a new one.
  8. RedDrag0n

    10.5.2 on an HP DV9700

    Alright, i will do that. Before i made the post, i did a search on the forums for anyone else with the DV9700 series laptop and they said they couldn't get their webcam working. They didn't say anything about the sound or such. So hopefully it goes smoothly.
  9. RedDrag0n

    10.5.2 on an HP DV9700

    I'm planning on getting an HP DV9700 laptop (DV9743CL to be exact) and i'm wondering, what obstacles will i run into? I plan on having two hard drives installed, one is XP, the other with OS X 10.5.2. here are the specs on the laptop. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. If you have the same laptop or one similar with experience installing OS X, info regarding that would be helpful too. Thank you.
  10. I tried on my actual macs. Main system is a Quicksilver 10.5.2 Sent the app to my Sawtooth 10.4.11 I went and launched the app on the Sawtooth and it just opened and then right away vanished from the dock. I think it's a Leopard only app.
  11. RedDrag0n

    photo booth problem

    Have you tried Macam? They have support for alot of webcams and by the looks of it, there are 2 that you have. Hopefully that info should help you out.
  12. RedDrag0n

    photo booth problem

    I have the same issue, but with a different camera. I got mine at Futureshop and it's a Gear Head USB 2.0 camera designed for Mac. It works with everything else like ichat, yahoo, Amsn and such. But it doesn't work with either quicktime capture nor photobooth. I get the same thing your looking at. I figured out the quicktime problem though, tell it to decode natively, and not force mpeg 4 or h264. But yeah, i see what you see in photobooth too. Come on guys, some help here? Thanks in advance.
  13. RedDrag0n

    single-button mighty mouse

    I use an Apple Pro black mouse for my iMac, a Logitech MX 1000 for my Quicksilver, a Logitech cordless ball mouse for my Sawtooth, an Apple ADB II mouse for my B&W, and my normal trackpad for my Pismo. I will admit, the MX 1000 is the best mouse i have ever used to date. I used to use the Apple puck mouse and those things were garbage. Along with an Intellimouse Optical from Microcrap.
  14. RedDrag0n

    single-button mighty mouse

    I remember seeing the original blueprints for the FCC on that. The right click sensor is a unique thing. Makes it better than the actual right and left click buttons in my opinion.
  15. Anyone got the D-Link DWL-G650 to work on a PPC Mac? I have heard of OrangeWare, but doing my research, i myself don't like them. I have tried the OSx86 methods but to no avail. If anyone out there can possibly help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. D-Link Airplus Xtreme G DWL-G650 H/W: B2 F/W: 2.23