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    no @ with fn+ctrl+alt+l, no backslash

    Hi, thanks for your reply. alt+l doesn`t work. i have the standard remapping on leftside-functionkeys: fn-ctrl-alt-win I get the €-sign with altgr(right-apple)+e But also no other combination with altgr seems to work. I also reinstalled the input-remapper. On my previous XP-Installation with inputremapper it all worked excellent ?? Another try was to remove "c:/programme/Apple Keyboard Support" but kbdmgr.exe was not running, or as service defined. No difference. Where can i control, which keyboard-drivers are active, registry ?? greetz, the desperate macen
  2. Hi Folks, input remapper works great for me. Only 2 things i could not solve. Normally fn+ctrl+alt+l should make an @ ?, does not work. Also i`m searching for the backslash ?? My keyboard-layout is german (qwertz) Please help me Decrease and increase volume, brightness,.... works fine. thanks a lot