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    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    That's quite a lot. more than i would be willing to spend to be honest. How much would the Diy kits be? I would prefer to solder them myself Right now i have 2 whole chassis here, 3 original backplanes and 40 caddies. And i was originally planning to get at least 2 whole systems complete in the foreseeable future I did a little modelling in sketchup and Fusion 360 for ventilation holes and fan placement. http://imgur.com/a/wYBAs Maybe you can give me some feedback whether or not this design is possible. I will make an acrylic version of it on my cnc in a few days. I intend on using 5x 80mm Noctua fans so the whole unit doesn't have to be louder than the HDDs themselves
  2. Randomguy1911

    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    "$1000 for a complete kit." What does that include?
  3. Randomguy1911

    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    pm made public for the engineer I got inspired by the limetech forum post as well and am in the process of modding hdd caddies right now. I found your project and have to say: nice job so far. How did you get the hdd LEDs to work and are they Drive specific; Will all activity leds on all drives blink simultaniously or (hopefully ) per disk? And may i add some ideas? 1. You could make the ventilation holes bigger to allow for more airflow. 2. Relocate the sata Ports to the top to allow for atx mainboards to be installed. 2.a if possible: group all the sata ports to the left or right side of the pcb to reduce cable mess. In Blocks of 4x sata for 8087 mini sas to sata cables 3. include mounting holes for 80mm fans (hole for pcb standoff attached to the Fan). If it helps i could model it in sketchup how i imagine 'my version' of backplane.
  4. Randomguy1911

    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    Nice Work. How much would those kits be?