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  1. My iBook Training Machine

    Hey Mate, (From Oz too) I just got an iBook 12in 800MHz G4 as a training machine too. OSx86 was good (10.4.8, all working), but I wanted a real mac, but couldn't afford an Intel. So I got this baby off eBay. Bit slow with 256MB RAM if you have more than two apps open, but a 512MB stick is comming soon. But, the PPC platform is much faster than I thought it would be!
  2. Geforce FX5600 Works with QE/CI using Titan 10.4.8 JaS SSE2/3 AMD/Intel PPFv1. Had to disable AGPgart to get past blue screen..... ASUS P4P800 Deluxe,...
  3. Ok, I got QE/CI working, the system boots, but I had to disable AGPgart.kext...is that bad??
  4. Well, i just tryed following the steps in the first post, and when I boot into OSX, i get a blue screen..... Now what?? i didn't uninstall the original Titan that was installed, and AGPgart is installed too..... (Running FX 5600)
  5. Hey Everyone, i recently decided to get rid of my stable 10.4.3 and get 10.4.8. anyway, I installed JaS 10.4.8 SSE2/3 Intel/AMD with PPF v1. During the installation, I selected the Titan package. Anyway, the installation was smooth. The system started fine and in system profiler, it detects my AGP FX5600 (128MB). But it says that QE/CI is unsupported. And yet, I can change res. and refresh rate in the System Preferences..... I haven't tried any of the methods here, JUST because it seems that Titan.kext is semi-working..... Any suggestions to get QE/CI??
  6. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I had a bit of a diffrent problem with iTunes 7. It wouldn't open at all, it would bounce in the dock for like half a bounce, but I didn't get an 'Out of memory" message. Specs in sig. But for now I'm reverted to 6.0.5.....
  7. OS X Annoyances

    I'll tell you what I hate not being able to do in OSX (especially after being used to it in Windows) is cutting files in Finder! Gosh, why can't Apple see the sense in moving a file, not copying and pasting then deleting....
  8. Good Bye

    Thanks for all the awsome releases JaS. I'm still running 10.4.3 (I'm on dialup) and its running perfect since day 1. Thanks for all your hard work in this community!. We will miss you and your work!
  9. I just wanna say Mash, it great to see people doing overseas work, like missions and stuff. I am going to Uganda in November and I can't wait to serve God and the people there We get to build a house!!!! Also, re donating I hope that whatever method you choose that its avalible International. For people like me in AUS Tim
  10. One Year of OSx86

    I have learnt soo much about OSX and apple through this and now I'm saving up to get a MBP one day. Long live OSx86!
  11. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Hey all, I just found this thread and driver yesterday, and it worked without a hitch on my 3C940, in 10.4.3. To the devs. thanks a million, i was using an old 10MBps card, and it sucked. Back to Gigabit.....
  12. Macbooks May 9th

    I want one tooooo!!!
  13. Logitech Control Center now unibin!

    Still not working....
  14. Logitech Control Center now unibin!

    I tried via USB, and PS/2 and nada....might try again later though....
  15. Logitech Control Center now unibin!

    It dosen't detect my KB/Mouse either, Specs in Sig.....